TOEIC英・英単語 S-1

n1. something good that you must stop having in order to achieve something
n2. an animal that is killed and offered to a god in a religious ceremony
v1. to stop having something good in order to achieve something
v2. to kill an animal and offer it to a god in a religious ceremony

adj1. unhappy
adj2. boring or not fashionable

n. a law, rule, or system that protects people or things from being harmed or lost
v. to protect something from harm

n. a state of being safe from harm or danger

n1. an advantage or benefit
n2. purpose or reason

n. the money that you get, usually every month, for working

n1. a time when a shop sells things for less money than usual
n2. the act of selling something
n3. [-s] the number of items sold

sales figures
the value or amount of the total sales of an industry's or company's products for a particular period

sales representative
someone whose job is to sell a company's products or services, especially by visiting or phoning customers

n. someone who works in a store and sells products to customers

n. a greeting in words or actions, or the words used at the beginning of a letter or speech

n. a sign of respect to someone of a higher rank in a military organization, often made by putting the right hand at the side of the head
v. to give a salute to someone of a higher rank in a military organization

n. a small amount of something that shows you what it is like

n1. a punishment for not obeying a rule or a law
n2. official approval or permission
v. to formally approve of something

adj. clean and not dangerous for the health

n. a system for protecting people's health by removing dirt and waste

n. a humorous way of criticizing people or ideas to show that they have faults or are wrong, or a piece of writing or a play that uses this style

n. a good feeling because you have done something well

adj. good enough

adj. pleased because you have got what you wanted

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