TOEIC英・英単語 I-2

increase /inkrí:s/ n. growth; expansion; addition; enlargement; escalation
increase /inkrí:s/ v. to enlarge; to add to; to multiply; to raise; to intensify
incredible /inkrédəbl/ adj. unbelievable; inconceivable; fabulous; great; amazing
incumbent /inkʌ'mbənt/ adj. presently holding an office or position; compulsory; necessary; resting; lying
incumbent /inkʌ'mbənt/ n. person who currently holds an office or position
incur /inkə':r/ v. to acquire or come into
independent /indipéndənt/ adj. free; autonomous; sovereign; self-reliant; self-sufficient
independent /indipéndənt/ n. person who does not belong to any political party
index /índeks/ n. list of subjects or other information arranged in alphabetical order; indicator; sign
index /índeks/ v. to register; to adjust prices or salaries in accordance with changes in economic indicators
indicate /índikèit/ v. to show; to point out; to mark; to signify; to imply; to exhibit
indicator /índikèitər/ n. a sign, a signal
indignant /indígnənt/ adj. having such anger and scorn as is aroused by meanness or wickedness
indispensable /ìndispénsəbl/ adj. necessary or requisite for the purpose
individual /ìndəvíʤuəl/ adj. by or for one person; special; particular
indoor /índɔ`:r/ adj. occurring within a building; meant to be used inside
induce /ind(j)ú:s/ v. to cause; to bring about; to set in motion; to influence
indulge /indʌ'lʤ/ v. to give in to desire; to yield to; to satisfy; to spoil; to humor
indulgence /indʌ'lʤəns/ n. act of giving in to desire; something which gratifies; luxury; leniency
industrialize /indʌ'striəlàiz/ v. to innovate and develop production
industry /índəstri/ n. manufacturing; trade; diligence; perseverance; tendency to work hard
inefficient /ìnifíʃənt / adj. not accomplishing an intended purpose.
inevitable /inévətəbl/ adj. unavoidable
inexpensive /ìnikspénsiv/ adj. low-priced
infamous /ínfəməs/ adj. publicly branded or notorious, as for vice, or crime
infancy /ínfənsi/ n. beginning phase of a project; babyhood
infant /ínfənt/ adj. pertaining to a minor
infant /ínfənt/ n. baby; very young child; toddler; tot; minor
infer /infə':r/ v. to derive; to conclude; to guess; to surmise; to hint
inference /ínf(ə)rəns/ n. act of deriving; speculation; drawing of a conclusion
infinite /ínfənət/ adj. measureless
inflation /infléiʃən/ n. increase in the supply of money in relation to the amount of goods available resulting in a rise in prices
inflict /inflíkt/ v. to impose; to cause something unpleasant
influence /ínfluəns/ n. effect; impact; person or thing which has power to affect others
influence /ínfluəns/ v. to alter or affect
influential /ìnfluénʃəl/ adj. having the power to sway the will of another
influx /ínflʌ`ks/ n. a flowing in
inform /infɔ':rm/ v. to communicate data to; to tell; to brief; to notify
informal /infɔ':rm(ə)l/ adj. unofficial; relaxed; casual; easy; laid-back
information /ìnfərméiʃən/ n. knowledge; intelligence; data
infringe /infrínʤ / v. to trespass upon.
ingenious /inʤí:njəs/ adj. evincing skill, originality, or cleverness, as in contrivance or arrangement
ingredient /ingrí:diənt/ n. an element in a mixture
inhabit /inhæ'bit/ v. to occupy; to live in; to dwell in; to reside in; to populate
inhabitant /inhæ'bət(ə)nt/ n. person who lives in a particular place; resident; tenant; occupant
inherent /inhí(ə)rənt/ adj. intrinsic; existing as a natural and integral part; natural; inborn
inhibit /inhíbit/ v. to hold back or in
initial /iníʃəl/ n. beginning letter of a person's first name; first letter (as of a word)
initial /iníʃəl/ v. to sign using the first letter or letters of a name
initialed /iníʃ(ə)ld/ adj. signed with initials; marked with the first letter or letter of a name
initially /iníʃ(ə)li/ adv. at first; in the first place; at the beginning
initiate /iníʃièit/ v. to set going; to launch; to begin; to start
initiative /iníʃiətiv/ adj. beginning; introductory
initiative /iníʃiətiv/ n. the first step; an active role
inject /inʤékt/ v. to introduce, as a fluid, by injection
injure /ínʤər/ v. to hurt; to wound; to insult; to offend; to damage
injured /ínʤərd/ adj. hurt; wounded; insulted; offended; damaged
injury /ínʤ(ə)ri/ n. hurt; wound; harm; damage; insult
innocent /ínəs(ə)nt/ adj. not guilty; pure; simple; naive; unsophisticated; harmless
innocent /ínəs(ə)nt/ n. person who is free from sin or wrongdoing
innovate /ínəvèit/ v. to make changes; to create something new; to invent
innovation /ìnəvéiʃən/ n. introduction of something new; change; new method or practice
innovator /ínəvèitər/ n. person who makes changes; person who introduces new methods or procedures; creative person
innumerable /in(j)ú:m(ə)rəbl/ adj. countless
inquire /inkwáiər/ v. to ask information about
inquiry /inkwái(ə)ri/ n. formal question; exploration; questioning; investigation
inquisitive /inkwízətiv/ adj. given to questioning, especially out of curiosity
inscribe /inskráib/ v. to enter in a book, or on a list, roll, or document, by writing
insert /insə':rt/ n. something created separately for the purpose of being added to or placed inside (a book, newspaper, etc.)
insert /insə':rt/ v. to place in; to put in; to add to
insight /ínsàit/ n. intellectual discernment
insist /insíst/ v. to demand; to emphasize firmly; to request firmly; to require; to persevere
insistence /insíst(ə)ns/ n. urgency
insistent /insíst(ə)nt/ adj. urgent
insomnia /insɑ'mniə/ n. sleeplessness
inspect /inspékt/ v. to look at closely; to examine carefully or officially
inspection /inspékʃən/ n. act of looking over carefully and critically; official examination; audit; review
inspector /inspéktər/ n. person whose job it is to supervise and examine; police officer ranking below a superintendent
inspiration /ìnspəréiʃən/ n. stimulus; motivation; revelation; insight; idea
inspire /inspáiər/ v. to spur on; to stimulate imagination or emotion.
inspiring /inspáiriŋ/ adj. motivating; stimulating; encouraging; provoking; inhaling
install /instɔ':l/ v. to set up for use; to put in (i.e. machinery); to establish in an office or position
instalment /instɔ':lmənt/ n. one of several separate payments into which a debt has been divided
instance /ínstəns/ n. occurrence; occasion; example; illustration
instance /ínstəns/ v. to refer to a case or occurrence to explain or prove a point; to cite; to mention
instant /ínstənt/ adj. immediate; quick; urgent; pressing; present; current
instant /ínstənt/ n. moment; very short space of time; current month
instantaneous /ìnstəntéiniəs / adj. done without perceptible lapse of time.
instantaneously /ìn(t)stəntéiniəsli/ adv. immediately; momentarily
instead /instéd/ adv. in place of; as a replacement
instill /instíl/ v. to infuse
instinct /ínstiŋkt/ n. an inborn pattern that is a powerful motivation
instinctively /instíŋ(k)tivli/ adv. naturally; spontaneously; intuitively; automatically
institute /ínstət(j)ù:t/ n. foundation; organization which provides a certain service or supports a particular cause
institute /ínstət(j)ù:t/ v. to establish; to set up; to begin; to initiate; to start
institution /ìnstət(j)ú:ʃən/ n. organization; custom; convention; law or activity which is accepted in a society
instruct /instrʌ'kt/ v. to inform; to direct; to guide; to command; to order; to educate
instruction /instrʌ'kʃən/ n. teaching; direction; guidance; training; education; information
instructive /instrʌ'ktiv/ adj. conveying knowledge
instructor /instrʌ'ktər/ n. educator; teacher; trainer

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