TOEIC英・英単語 S-2

v. to please someone by giving them what they want

adj. making you feel pleased by providing what you need or want

v. to fry food in a little oil or fat, usually until it is brown

v1. to keep money or something else for use in the future
v2. To save information on a computer is to store it in a computer file.
v3. to make or keep someone or something safe from danger or harm, or to bring something back to a satisfactory condition
v4. to prevent time, money, or effort from being lost or spent, or to help someone by taking an action to prevent time, money, etc., from being lost

n. money that you have saved, usually in a bank

savings account
an account in a bank or similar financial organization that earns interest

n. something that shocks people because they think it is very bad

adv. only just

v1. to throw a lot of small objects over an area
v2. to suddenly move away in different directions

adj. covering a wide area

n1. the attractive, natural things that you see in the countryside
n2. the large pictures of buildings, countryside, etc. used in a theatre

adj. having views of the attractive, natural things in the countryside

n1. a list of the times and days of classes at a school, college, university, etc.
n2. a list of times when buses, trains, etc. arrive and leave
n3. a list of dates and times that shows when things will happen or a plan for them to happen
v. to plan an event for a particular day or time

n. a drawing that represents an idea or theory and makes it easier to understand

n. a plan for doing or organizing something, especially one that does not follow the usual rules
v. to make a secret plan

n. an amount of money given to a person by an organization to pay for their education

n1. the study of the structure of natural things and the way that they behave
n2. a particular type of science

n. someone who studies science or works in science

n. a tool for cutting paper, hair, etc. that you hold in your hand and that has two blades

v. to speak angrily to someone, especially a child, because they have done something wrong

n1. the range of matters considered or dealt with
n2. the opportunity for activity

n1. the part of a television or computer that shows images or writing
n2. a large, flat surface where a film or an image is shown
n3. movies

n1. a test or examination to discover if there is anything wrong with someone
n2. a showing of a film

n. the words of a movie, play, or speech

n. careful examination of something

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