TOEIC英・英単語 H

H.R. abbr. manpower; personnel; human work force; human labor; staff
habit /hæ'bit/ n. a customary manner or practice
habitual /həbíʧuəl / adj. according to usual practice.
hallmark /hɔ':lmɑ`:rk/ n. identifying characteristic
halt /hɔ':lt/ n. temporary stop; standstill; break or pause in a march or journey
halt /hɔ':lt/ v. to stop; to cause to stop; to pause; to hesitate; to be uncertain
hamper /hæ'mpər/ v. to impede or interfere
handbook /hæ'n(d)buk/ n. manual; guide; guideline; document containing instructions
handle /hæ'ndl/ n. part of an object designed to be gripped by the hand; fist name; nickname; code name; title
handle /hæ'ndl/ v. to manage; to process; to deal in; to do business with; to treat
handling /hæ'ndliŋ/ n. care; treatment; procedure; system; touch
handwriting /hæ'ndràitiŋ/ n. penmanship
hard /hɑ':rd/ adj. difficult; complicated; rigid; stiff
hard /hɑ':rd/ adv. strenuously; with great effort; to the full extent; intently; to the extreme limit
harmful /hɑ':rmfəl/ adj. injurious; causing damage
harmonious /hɑ:rmóuniəs/ adj. concordant in sound
harmonize /hɑ':rmənàiz/ v. to agree; to reconcile; to be in concert with
harmony /hɑ':rməni/ n. unity; agreement; accord; pleasing balance; symmetry
harness /hɑ':rnis/ n. straps and other parts by which a draft animal is attached to a vehicle
harness /hɑ':rnis/ v. to use; to apply; to employ; to control; to channel
harvest /hɑ':rvist/ n. reaping; gathering in of crops; outcome; product
harvest /hɑ':rvist/ v. to reap; to gather in ripe crops; to catch; to gather
hazard /hæ'zərd/ n. danger; risk; game of chance
hazard /hæ'zərd/ v. to endanger; to imperil; to dare; to venture
hazardous /hæ'zərdəs/ adj. dangerous; risky; perilous
haze /héiz/ n. fog; mist; obscurity; vagueness
haze /héiz/ v. to treat someone new in a humiliating manner; to harass; to humiliate
head /héd/ adj. chief; leading; main; principal
head /héd/ n. mind; understanding; leader; person in authority; top
head /héd/ v. to lead; to be in charge; to direct; to be at the front; to go in a certain direction
headquarter /hédkɔ`:rtər/ v. to set up a center of operations; to be set up in a center of operations
headquarters /hédkɔ`:rtərz/ n. main office; central office of a company; center of operation
headway /hédwei/ n. progress; advance
health /hélθ/ n. physical or mental well-being; freedom from disease
healthy /hélθi/ adj. well; not sick; fit; sound
helicopter /hélikɑ`ptər/ n. aircraft which flies by means of horizontally rotating blades
hem /hém/ n. folded and stitched down edge of cloth; edge of a garment
hem /hém/ v. to surround; to enclose; to hesitate; to falter in speaking
hemorrhage /hém(ə)riʤ/ n. discharge of blood from a ruptured or wounded blood-vessel
hereditary /hərédətèri/ adj. passing naturally from parent to child
heredity /hərédəti/ n. transmission of physical or mental qualities, diseases, etc., from parent to offspring
heritage /héritiʤ/ n. birthright
hesitant /hézət(ə)nt/ adj. vacillating
hesitate /hézətèit/ v. to pause; to be reluctant
hesitation /hèzətéiʃən/ n. pausing; stammering; faltering
hidden /hídn/ adj. concealed; secret; not to be seen; ulterior
hide /háid/ v. to conceal; to cover up; to keep secret; to place out of sight
hideous /hídiəs/ adj. appalling
hinder /háindər / v. to obstruct.
hire /háiər/ n. an employee
hire /háiər/ v. to lease; to rent; to employ
hit /hít/ n. stroke; blow; collision; success; popular event or production
hit /hít/ v. to strike; to beat; to reach; to find; to collide
hold /hóuld/ v. to accommodate; to conduct
homage /hɑ'miʤ/ n. reverential regard or worship
homebound /hóumbaùnd/ adj. confined usually by illness
honest /ɑ'nist/ adj. truthful; candid; frank
honesty /ɑ'nisti/ n. truthfulness; sincerity; integrity; frankness
honor /ɑ'nər/ n. esteem; respect; integrity; honesty; award; privilege
honor /ɑ'nər/ v. to respect; to esteem; to pay tribute; to praise; to accept
horrible /hɔ':rəbl/ adj. terrible; awful; disgusting
hospital /hɑ'spitl/ n. location where sick and injured people receive medical treatment
hospitality /hɑ`spətæ'ləti/ n. the practice of receiving and entertaining strangers and guests with kindness
host /hóust/ n. person who receives guests; large number; multitude (of people or things)
host /hóust/ v. to act as master of ceremonies; to receive guests into one's home; to give a party
hourly /áuərli/ adj. continual
house /háus/ adj. pertaining to accommodations; domesticated
house /háus/ n. building used for a particular purpose; business; audience; legislative body
house /háuz/ v. to accommodate someone; to stay; to reside; to dwell; to store; to shelter
housekeeper /háuskì:pər/ n. someone employed to do domestic work
housing /háuziŋ/ n. lodging; dwelling
however /hauévər/ adv. in any event; anyway
however /hauévər/ conj. in whatever way
hr abbr. period of 60 minutes
HTML abbr. language used to write pages and sites for the Internet
humane /hju:méin/ adj. compassionate
humidity /hju:mídəti/ n. dampness; moistness; mugginess
hurry /hə':ri/ n. rush; haste; urgency
hurry /hə':ri/ v. to make haste; to rush; to urge; to prod; to dash
hustle /hʌ'sl/ v. to move with haste and promptness
hygiene /háiʤi:n / n. the branch of medical science that relates to improving health.
hyphen /háifən/ n. short dash; short line used to connect or separate words or syllables (-)
hypocrisy /hipɑ'krəsi/ n. extreme insincerity
hypodermic /hàipədə':rmik/ adj. pertaining to the area under the skin
hypothesis /haipɑ'θəsis/ n. a proposition taken for granted as a premise from which to reach a conclusion

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