TOEIC英・英単語 F-1

fabric /fæ'brik/ n. textile; weave; structure; framework; construction
fabulous /fæ'bjuləs/ adj. incredible
facet /fæ'sit/ n. one of the small triangular plane surfaces of a diamond or other gem
facilitate /fəsílətèit/ v. to make easier
facilitator /fəsílətèitər/ n. person or thing which promotes; expeditor
facility /fəsíləti/ n. device; tool; convenience; talent; ability; building
faction /fæ'kʃən/ n. a number of persons combined for a common purpose
factor /fæ'ktər/ n. cause; agent; broker; financier; money lender
factory /fæ'kt(ə)ri/ n. plant; any location which mass-produces one type of product
fad /fæ'd/ n. a practice followed enthusiastically for a short time; a craze
fade /féid/ v. to wither; to die out; to bleach; to disappear
fail /féil/ v. not to succeed; not to work correctly
failure /féiljər/ n. inability to succeed; lack of success; lack; bankruptcy; downfall
fair /féər/ adj. just; reasonable; handsome; light colored; clean; clear
fair /féər/ adv. justly; equitably; directly; completely; really
fair /féər/ n. festival; exhibition; show; market; bazaar
faith /féiθ/ n. belief in a particular thing or person; religion; trust; confidence; loyalty
fall off v. to separate; to be separated; to decrease; to become smaller
fall to v. to become one's responsibility
fallacy /fæ'ləsi/ n. any unsound or delusive mode of reasoning, or anything based on such reasoning
false /fɔ':ls/ adj. not true; counterfeit; deceitful; wrong; artificial; not faithful
falter /fɔ':ltər/ v. to hesitate; to stumble; to sway; to totter; to be unstable
fame /féim/ n. notoriety; renown; good reputation
familiar /fəmíljər/ adj. often encountered or seen; common
familiar /fəmíljər/ n. good friend; acquaintance
familiarize /fəmíljəràiz/ v. to cause to be acquainted; to accustom; to make something well known; to publicize
famous /féiməs/ adj. well-known; excellent; wonderful
fare /féər/ n. the money paid for transportation
fare /féər/ v. to travel; to go; to journey; to happen; to eat and drink
fashion /fæ'ʃən/ n. the prevailing style or custom
faulty /fɔ':lti/ adj. imperfect
favorable /féiv(ə)rəbl/ adj. positive; approving; likable; helpful; encouraging; desirable
favorite /féiv(ə)rit/ adj. preferred
fax /fæ'ks/ n. device for electronically transmitting written material; electronically transmitted document
fax /fæ'ks/ v. to transmit document electronically
fear /fíər/ n. fright; horror; concern; terror
fear /fíər/ v. to be frightened; to be concerned; to be afraid of; to have respect for
feasibility /fì:zəbíliti/ n. capability of being carried out; capability of being achieved; likelihood; probability
feasible /fí:zəbl/ adj. able to be carried out; achievable; possible; likely
feature /fí:ʧər/ n. characteristic; function; capability (of a product, machine, device, software etc.)
feature /fí:ʧər/ v. to characterize; to depict; to describe; to present; to emphasize
fee /fí:/ n. toll; payment for services rendered; cost of admission; commission; feudal estate
fee /fí:/ v. to pay to; to hire; to employ
feed /fí:d/ n. meal; nourishment; material supplied; act of inserting into a machine (especially of putting paper into a printer)
feed /fí:d/ v. to supply; to support; to send; to move into a machine
feedback /fí:dbæk/ n. response; critique; information about the results of a certain procedure or performance
fellow /félou/ adj. having membership in; belonging to (a group, academic organization, etc.); of the same type
fellow /félou/ n. friend; member of an academic organization; suitor
feminine /fémənin/ adj. characteristic of woman or womankind
fence /féns/ n. railing; hedge; ability to argue; person who sells stolen goods
fence /féns/ v. to protect; to guard; to evade a question; to respond in a vague manner
ferry /féri/ n. boat for crossing a body of water; shuttle
ferry /féri/ v. to convey passengers or cargo by boat across a small body of water
fertilize /fə':rt(ə)làiz/ v. to impregnate; to inseminate; to enrich the soil by the addition of organic or chemical substances
fertilizer /fə':rt(ə)làizər/ n. organic or chemical substance added to soil to enrich it (i.e. manure)
fetch /féʧ/ v. to go after and bring back; to pick up; to charm
few /fjú:/ adj. little; not many; some
few /fjú:/ n. not many; some; several; small number of
field /fí:ld/ n. area; domain; range; piece of land; surface
field /fí:ld/ v. to answer adequately or successfully
figure /fígjər/ n. number; image; character; price; human shape; symbol
figure /fígjər/ v. to calculate; to think; to assume; to portray; to depict; to express verbally
figure out v. to understand; to solve
file /fáil/ n. a group of documents or information about a person or an event
file /fáil/ v. to enter into public record
fill out v. to complete
final /fáinl/ adj. at the end; last; ultimate; decisive; conclusive; definitive
final /fáinl/ n. end; conclusion; last edition of a newspaper
finalize /fáin(ə)làiz/ v. to end; to sum up; to complete; to conclude
finally /fáinəli/ adv. at last
finance /finæ'ns/ n. money management (including investment, banking etc.); science of money management
finance /finæ'ns/ v. to raise money for; to provide with funds; to fund; to pay for
financial /finæ'nʃəl/ adj. monetary
fine /fáin/ adj. delicate; thin; flimsy; handsome; top-quality; excellent
fine /fáin/ adv. very well; excellent
fine /fáin/ n. monetary penalty; punishment which involves the payment of specified sum of money
fine /fáin/ v. to impose a tax upon; to purify; to make thin or thinner; to reduce; to clarify
finish /fíniʃ/ n. end; completion; conclusion; polish; something which completes or perfects
finish /fíniʃ/ v. to terminate; to end; to destroy; to defeat; to complete
finite /fáinait/ adj. limited
firm /fə':rm/ adj. strong; solid; stable; fixed; immovable; determined
firm /fə':rm/ adv. sturdily; steadily; assertively; in a determined manner
firm /fə':rm/ n. company; commercial business; corporation
firm /fə':rm/ v. to solidify; to become solid; to stabilize; to become stable
fiscal /fískəl/ adj. of public funds; of or pertaining to money matters
fix /fíks/ n. embarrassing situation; predicament; location; position (i.e. of a ship or individual)
fix /fíks/ v. to determine; to stabilize; to arrange; to repair; to prepare
fixture /fíksʧər/ n. something which is permanently or securely attached; set date for a sporting event
fizzle /fízl/ n. failure; fiasco; sputtering which gradually fades into silence
fizzle /fízl/ v. to fail after starting well; to make a hissing noise which gradually fades into silence
flat money n. banknote printed by a government as legal tender which is not redeemable and which lacks economic value
flavor /fléivər/ n. a distinctive taste
flaw /flɔ':/ n. defect; imperfection; crack; strong gust or wind
flaw /flɔ':/ v. to crack; to become defective; to become cracked
flawed /flɔ':d/ adj. defective; imperfect; cracked
flawless /flɔ':lis/ adj. perfect; impeccable
fleet /flí:t/ adj. swift; fast
fleet /flí:t/ n. group of ships, cars, trucks or other vehicles
fleet /flí:t/ v. to move quickly; to pass quickly
flexibility /flèksəbíləti/ n. elasticity; ability to adapt to new circumstances; pliability

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