TOEIC英・英単語 S-16

n1. a small river
n2. [a ~ of something ] a line of people or cars moving in the same direction

n. the act of sending sound or video to a computer, mobile phone, etc. directly from the internet so that it does not need to be downloaded and saved first

v1. to shape something so that it moves as easily as possible through air or water
v2. to change something so that it works better, esp. by making it simpler

n1. the quality of being strong
n2. the power that an organization, country, etc. has
n3. a good quality or ability

v. to become stronger or make something become stronger

adj. using or needing a lot of effort

n1. feelings of worry caused by difficult situations such as problems at work
n2. a greater force you use to say one part of a word or phrase
v1. to show that something is important
v2. to say one part of a word more strongly than the rest

adj1. A strict person makes sure that children or people working for them behave well, and does not allow them to break any rules.
adj2. If a rule, law, etc. is strict, it must be obeyed.
adj3. always behaving in a particular way because of your beliefs

adv1. used to emphasize that something is not allowed
adv2. exactly or correctly
adv3. done for a particular person or purpose

n. a period of time when a group of workers stop working, to try to force their employer to give them more money or to improve their working conditions
v1. to hit someone or something
v2. [it -s me that…] If it strikes you that something is true, you think of it, or that is your opinion.
v3. If a thought or idea strikes you, or you are struck by it, you are suddenly aware of it.
v4. If a group of workers strike, they stop working for a period of time to try to force their employer to give them more money or to improve their working conditions.
v5. If a clock strikes, a bell rings to show what the time is.

strike someone as something
If someone strikes you as having a particular quality, they seem to have that quality

adj1. easily noticed
adj2. very attractive

adj. extremely limiting or difficult; severe

v. to try hard to do something or make something happen, esp. for a long time or against difficulties

v. to walk somewhere in a slow and relaxed way

n. a chair on wheels that is used to move small children

adj1. A strong person or animal is physically powerful.
adj2. A strong object does not break easily, or can support heavy things.
adj3. If a taste, smell, etc. is strong, it is very easy to notice.
adj4. produced using a lot of power
adj5. Strong relationships last for a long time, and are not easily spoiled.
adj6. of a good quality or level and likely to be successful
adj7. A strong feeling, belief, or opinion is felt in a very deep and serious way.
adj8. If someone is strong, they are confident and able to deal with problems well.

n1. the way that parts of something are arranged or put together
n2. a building or something that has been built

n1. the act of trying very hard to do something difficult
n2. a fight between people
v1. to try very hard to do something difficult
v2. to fight someone when they are holding you

adj. never changing your ideas, plans, etc. even when you should

adj1. not able to move anywhere
adj2. not able to continue reading, answering questions, etc. because something is too difficult

n1. the work that you do while you are at a college or university
n2. the activity of learning about a subject, usually in school or at a college or university
n3. a room in a house where you can read, write, etc.
n4. a piece of work that examines a subject in detail in order to find new information
v1. to learn about a subject, usually at school or university
v2. to look at something very carefully
v3. to examine a subject in detail in order to discover new information

adj. very beautiful

adj. very strong and solid

n1. an area of knowledge studied at school or university
n2. what someone is writing or talking about
n3. in grammar, the person or thing that does the action described by a verb. In the sentence ‘Bob phoned me yesterday’, ‘Bob’ is the subject.
n4. someone who is from a particular country

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