TOEIC英・英単語 W-1

n. the amount of money a person regularly gets for his or her job

wait on sb
to do everything for someone so that they do not have to do anything for themselves

v. to not demand something you have a right to or not cause a rule to be obeyed

n. a document that prevents or allows an action that is different from the usual thing

v. to move forward by putting one foot in front of the other and then repeating the action

n. a journey that you make by walking, often for enjoyment

n. a passage or path, especially one that is covered or raised above the ground

n. a small, flat container for paper money and credit cards

v. to walk slowly around a place without any purpose

want ad
small advertisement that you put in a newspaper or a magazine, usually because you want to sell or buy something or to find or offer a job; a classified ad

n. a large building for keeping things that are going to be sold

n. items offered for sale, or a company’s goods

v. to tell someone that something bad may happen in the future

n. something that tells or shows you that something bad may happen

n. an official document approved by an authority, esp. a judge, which gives the police permission to do certain things

v. to make a particular action necessary or correct, or to be a reason to do something

n. a written promise by a company to repair or replace a product that breaks within a fixed period of time or do again a piece of work that is not satisfactory

adj. careful because you do not completely trust someone or something or are not certain about what you should do

n. things that are being washed, such as clothes, or the act of washing these

n1. a bad use of something useful, such as time or money

n2. things that are not wanted

v. to use too much of something or use something badly

adj. Waste material is no longer needed and can be got rid of.

adj. using too much of something, or using something badly when there is a limited amount of it

n. the clear liquid that falls from the sky as rain and that is in seas, lakes, and rivers

v. to pour water over plants

n. a paint that is mixed with water to create pictures, or a picture made with this paint

v1. to put your hand up and move it from side to side in order to attract someone’s attention or to say goodbye

v2. to move from side to side in the air or make something move this way

n1. a line of higher water that moves across the surface of the sea or a lake

n2. the act of waving your hand

n3. the pattern in which some types of energy, such as sound, light, and heat, are spread or carried

n1. how you do something

n2. the route that you take to get from one place to another

n3. a particular choice, opinion, belief, or action, especially from among several possibilities

n4. a direction something faces or travels in

n5. an amount of space or time

adj1. not physically strong

adj2. not good at something

adj3. likely to break and not able to support things

adj4. A weak drink has little taste or contains little alcohol.

adj5. not powerful, or not having a strong character

adj6. A weak reason, argument, or excuse is one that you do not have enough proof to support.

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