TOEIC英・英単語 R-3

resemble /rizémbl/ v. to be similar to; to be akin to; to look like; to have a similar appearance to
resent /rizént/ v. to be indignant at, as an injury or insult
reservation /rèzərvéiʃən/ n. act of ordering in advance (hotel room, airline ticket, etc.)
reserve /rizə':rv/ v. to set aside
reserve requirement n. minimum amount of money and liquid assets set by the central banking system of the U.S.
residence /rézədəns/ n. headquarters of a business; dwelling place; abode; home; domicile
resident /rézədənt/ adj. staying in a particular place; not migratory; intrinsic; existing
resident /rézədənt/ n. inhabitant; one who lives in a particular location
residential /rèzədénʃəl/ adj. intended for inhabitation; occupied with homes
residual /rizíʤuəl/ adj. enduring; lasting; continuing; leftover; remaining
resign /rizáin/ v. to quit an office or position; to relinquish; to give up; to abdicate
resignation /rèzignéiʃən/ n. act of quitting a position; letter stating that one quits a position; relinquishment
resilience /rizíljəns/ n. elasticity; cheerfulness; quality of quickly recovering from sadness or failure; buoyancy
resist /rizíst/ n. protective coating
resist /rizíst/ v. to oppose; to fight against; to challenge; to withstand
resistance /rizíst(ə)ns/ n. opposition; act of fighting against; act of withstanding the effects of
resolute /rézəlù:t/ adj. determined; firm; steadfast
resolve /rizɑ'lv/ n. firm decision; ruling; decisiveness; determination
resolve /rizɑ'lv/ v. to deal with successfully; to declare
resonance /réz(ə)nəns / n. the quality of being able to reinforce sound by sympathetic vibrations.
resonate /rézənèit/ v. to echo
resource /rí:sɔ:rs/ n. assets; valuable things
respect /rispékt/ n. honor; esteem; high regard; consideration; attention
respect /rispékt/ v. to honor; to admire; to esteem; to hold in high regard
respond /rispɑ'nd/ v. to make a reply; to react
respondent /rispɑ'ndənt / adj. answering.
response /rispɑ'ns/ n. reply; answer; reaction
responsibility /rispɑ`nsəbíləti/ n. task
responsible /rispɑ'nsəbl/ adj. dependable; reliable; accountable; liable
responsive /rispɑ'nsiv/ adj. answering; reacting (esp. positively or sympathetically)
restore /ristɔ':r/ v. to bring back to an original condition
restriction /ristríkʃən/ n. a limitation
result /rizʌ'lt/ n. an outcome
resume /rézumèi/ n. summary; synopsis; abstract; CV; curriculum vitae
resume /rézumèi/ v. to recommence; to begin again; to retake; to take back; to continue
resumption /rizʌ'mpʃən/ n. the act of taking back, or taking again
retail /rí:teil/ adj. pertaining to the sale of goods to final consumers; of the sale of merchandise to end users
retail /rí:teil/ n. sale of products to final consumers; sale of goods to end users
retailer /rí:teilər/ n. person or business that sells goods to final consumers
retention /riténʃən/ n. the keeping of a thing within one's power or possession
reticent /rétəs(ə)nt/ adj. keeping quiet; reserved; showing self-restraint
retire /ritáiər/ v. to stop working; to withdraw from a business or profession
retirement /ritáiərmənt/ n. withdrawal from one's job or occupation
retract /ritræ'kt/ v. to recall or take back (something that one has said)
retrieval /ritrí:vəl/ n. act of bringing back; restoration; act of finding information and sending it to the user as output
retrieve /ritrí:v/ v. to recover; to regain; to bring back; to fetch; to rescue
return /ritə':rn/ adj. reciprocal; done in response to a previous action; repeated; recurring
return /ritə':rn/ n. the amount of money gained as profit
reveal /riví:l/ v. to show; to exhibit; to display; to expose; to disclose
revelation /rèvəléiʃən / n. a disclosing, discovering, or making known of what was before secret, private, or unknown.
revenue /révən(j)ù:/ n. income; return; gains; government income earned through taxation
revere /rivíər/ v. to respect deeply; to honor greatly
reverse /rivə':rs/ adj. having the back side exposed to view; opposite; contrary
reverse /rivə':rs/ n. opposite; contrary; back side; rear; setback; defeat
review /rivjú:/ n. a critical estimate of a work or performance
review /rivjú:/ v. writing a criticism of a performance
revise /riváiz/ n. act of making changes; alteration; proof sheet made to verify changes made and check for additional errors
revise /riváiz/ v. to rewrite
revive /riváiv/ v. to resuscitate; to bring back to life; to put into action again
revoke /rivóuk/ v. to rescind
revolution /rèvəlú:ʃən/ n. a sudden or momentous change in a situation; a single complete cycle
revolve /rivɑ'lv/ v. to rotate; to turn; to spin; to encircle; to think about; to contemplate
reward /riwɔ':rd/ n. prize; recompense; benefit received as payment for a service
reward /riwɔ':rd/ v. to recompense someone for a service
ridicule /rídikjù:l/ n. looks or acts expressing amused contempt
ridiculous /ridíkjuləs/ adj. laughable and contemptible
rigorous /rígərəs/ adj. harsh; strict; severe; exact; precise
rise /ráiz/ n. slope; incline; increase; ascent; raise in position or status; promotion; angry response
rise /ráiz/ v. to stand up; to get into an upright position; to climb; to ascend
risk /rísk/ n. the chance of loss or damage
rival /ráivəl/ adj. being in competition; contending
rival /ráivəl/ n. competitor; opponent; contender
rivalry /ráivəlri/ n. competition; contention; act of competing
robust /roubʌ'st/ adj. strong; healthy
ROI abbr. method of measuring the profitability of a company (derived by dividing the net income by total assets)
rotate /róuteit / v. to cause to turn on or as on its axis, as a wheel.
rotten /rɑ'tn/ adj. decayed; decomposed; putrid; spoiled; despicable
route /rú:t/ n. track; path; customary series of stops during a trip
route /rú:t/ v. to direct along a particular path; to chart a course
routine /ru:tí:n/ adj. commonplace; ordinary; usual; customary; habitual
routine /ru:tí:n/ n. commonplace activity; everyday task; habit; custom; practice
royalties /rɔ'iəltiz/ n. percentage of profits paid to an artist for each copy of his work that is sold
rubber /rʌ'bər/ adj. composed of elastic material; made from caoutchouc
rubber /rʌ'bər/ n. elastic material derived from of some tropical plants; eraser
rule /rú:l/ n. law; custom; common practice; government; flat tool used for measuring distances
rule /rú:l/ v. to govern; to control; to determine; to decide; to decree
run /rʌ'n/ n. range; journey; track; path; series; sequence
run /rʌ'n/ v. to operate
rupture /rʌ'pʧər/ v. to separate the parts of by violence
rush /rʌ'ʃ/ n. speed; haste; sudden increase in activity or speed
rush /rʌ'ʃ/ v. to hurry; to make haste; to act or move quickly; to cause to hurry
rustic /rʌ'stik / adj. characteristic of dwelling in the country.

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