TOEIC英・英単語 S-4

sell something off
1. to sell all or part of a business or industry, often at a low price
2. to charge a low price for something to encourage people to buy it

n. one of two time periods that a school or college year can be divided into

adj. used to describe something that happens twice a year

n. a meeting of a group of people with a teacher or expert for training, discussion, or study of a subject

v1. to arrange for something to go or be taken somewhere, especially by post
v2. to make someone go somewhere

send for someone/something
to request or demand that someone or something come

send someone in
to send soldiers, police, etc to a place in order to deal with a dangerous situation

send something in
to send something to an organization

n. a person or organization that sends something

adj1. having a more important job or position than someone else
adj2. older
adj3. relating to the fourth and final year of college or high school

n. the state of being older or of having a more important position in an organization

n1. a physical feeling, or the ability to physically feel things
n2. a lot of excitement and interest
n3. a strange feeling or idea that you cannot explain

adj1. done in a way that is intended to shock people
adj2. very exciting or extremely good

n1. a feeling or understanding about yourself or about a situation
n2. the ability to make good decisions and do things that will not make problems
n3. one of the five natural abilities of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste
n4. the meaning of a word, phrase, or sentence
n5. the ability to do something
v. to understand what someone is thinking or feeling without being told about it

adj. showing the ability to make good decisions and do things that will not make problems

adj1. able to understand what people are feeling and behave in a way that does not upset them
adj2. often upset by the things people say or do
adj3. able to react very quickly and easily
adj4. A sensitive subject or situation needs to be dealt with carefully in order to avoid upsetting people.

adj1. not joined or touching anything else
adj2. different
adj3. not related
v1. to divide into parts, or to make something divide into parts
v2. to move apart, or to make people move apart
v3. to start to live in a different place from your husband or wife because the relationship has ended

adv. not together

n1. the fact of people or things being separate
n2. an agreement between two people who are married to stop living together

n. a group of related events or things that have a particular order

n. a story that is told in separate parts over a period of time

serial number
one of a set of numbers that is printed on paper money, on some products, etc. so that each has a different number and can be recognized

n1. a group of television or radio programmes that have the same main characters or deal with the same subject
n2. many things or events of the same type that come one after the other
n3. a set of books published by the same company that deal with the same subject

adj1. A serious problem or situation is bad and makes people worry.
adj2. thinking or speaking honestly about something and not joking
adj3. A serious person is quiet and does not laugh often.
adj4. important and needing your complete attention

adv1. badly or severely
adv2. in a way that shows you are not joking

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