TOEIC英・英単語 S-3

n. someone who makes sculpture

n. a piece of art that is made from stone, wood, clay, etc.

n1. an animal with smooth fur that eats fish and lives near the sea
n2. a thin piece of material such as paper or plastic that has to be broken to open a container, envelope, etc.
n3. something fixed around the edge of an opening to prevent liquid or gas flowing through it
v1. to close an entrance or container so that air or liquid cannot enter or leave it
v2. to close a letter or parcel by sticking the edges together

adj. closed

n1. an attempt to find someone or something
n2. the act of looking for information with a computer, especially using the internet
n3. the process of trying to find an answer to a problem
v1. to try to find someone or something
v2. to use a computer to find information, especially on the internet
v3. If the police search a place or a person, they look to see if they are hiding anything illegal, such as drugs.

n. salt or spices that you add to food

seat belt
a strap that you fasten across your body when travelling in a car or plane

adj1. developing from something similar that existed earlier
adj2. less important than related things
adj3. relating to the education of children approximately between the ages of 12 and 18

n1. someone who works in an office, typing letters, answering the telephone, etc.
n2. an official who is in charge of a large department of the government

n. one of the areas of activity that a country's economy is divided into

adj1. safe from danger
adj2. confident about yourself and the situation that you are in
adj3. not likely to fail or be lost
adj4. firmly fastened and not likely to fall
v1. to fasten something firmly
v2. to make something safe

adv. firmly and correctly and therefore not likely to fall, move, or break

n1. the things that are done to keep someone or something safe
n2. protection from something failing or being lost

security guard
someone whose job is to guard buildings, goods in stores, money that is being transported, etc.

n. a type of car with two or four doors and seats for at least four people

see to something/someone
to deal with a person or task that needs to be dealt with or is waiting to be dealt with

v. to try to find or get something

v1. to appear to be
v2. [it -s …] used to say that something appears to exist or be true

adv. appearing to be something without really being that thing

n. one of the parts that something can be divided into

v1. to take hold of something quickly and firmly
v2. to do something quickly when you have the opportunity

n1. the act of taking control of a country, government, etc
n2. the act of taking away something that is illegal, for example drugs, by someone in authority
n3. a sudden attack of an illness

adv. not often

v. to choose someone or something

adj. A self-service restaurant or shop is one in which you get food or things yourself.

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