TOEIC英・英単語 S-5

n. a computer that stores and manages programs and information used by other computers
v1. to give someone food or drink, especially in a restaurant or bar
v2. to help customers and sell things to them in a shop
v3. to do work that helps society
v4. to be in prison for a period of time

serve as something
to be useful as something

n. a man who is a member of the armed forces

n1. a period during which you do one activity
n2. a meeting of an official group of people such as in a court or in the government

set forth something
to explain ideas, or make rules or suggestions

set off
to start on a trip

set off something
to cause a device to explode or a signal to start

set out
to begin to carry out a plan of action

set out something
1. to give the details of or explain something, esp. in writing
2. to arrange or prepare something for others to see or use

set something aside
to save something, usually time or money, for a special purpose

set up someone
to create the appearance that someone has done something wrong, or to trick someone

set up something
to prepare or arrange something for use

set up something/someone
1. to establish or create something
2. If you set someone up, you establish someone on a particular path through life esp. by paying for something or supplying money.

n1. the position of a house or other building
n2. the time and the place in which the action of a book, movie, play, etc. happens

v1. If you settle an argument, you stop the problem and stop arguing.
v2. to start living somewhere that you are going to live for a long time
v3. to decide or arrange something
v4. to relax into a comfortable position
v5. to pay money owed

settle down
1. to become quieter
2. Someone who settles down accepts responsibilities and lives a calmer life

settle in
to arrange yourself and the things you own so you feel more comfortable in a new place

adj1. causing great pain, difficulty, damage, etc.; very serious
adj2. not kind or sympathetic; harsh

adv1. in a very bad or serious way
adv2. in a very unkind or unpleasant way

v. to join things together with a needle and thread

n1. an area where there is no light from the sun and it is darker
n2. a color, especially when saying how dark or light it is
n3. a cover that you pull down over a window
v. to cover something in order to protect it from the sun

v1. to make quick, short movements from side to side or up and down, or to make something or someone do this
v2. If you are shaking, your body makes quick short movements because you are frightened or nervous.

adj1. not deep
adj2. not showing any interest in serious ideas

n. the physical form of something made by the line around its outer edge
v. to make something become a particular shape

shape up
1. to develop
2. to improve your behavior or performance

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