TOEIC英・英単語 S-14

adv. in a way that relates to statistics

n. the subject that involves collecting and studying numbers to show information

n. a model that looks like a person or animal, usually made from stone or metal

n1. an official position, especially in a social group
n2. the amount of respect, admiration or importance given to a person, organization or object

adj. decided, controlled, or required by law

n. a period of time that you spend in a place
v1. to continue to be in a place, job, etc. and not leave
v2. to spend a short period of time in a place
v3. to continue to be in a particular state

adj. staying the same for a long time; not changing or losing purpose

adv. in a gradual, regular way over a period of time

adj1. happening at a gradual, regular rate
adj2. still and not shaking
adj3. not changing

n. a very strong metal made from iron, used for making knives, machines, etc.

adj. A steep slope, hill, etc. goes up or down very quickly.

adv. suddenly and by a large amount

steering wheel
a wheel that you turn to control the direction of a vehicle

n. the long, thin part of a plant that the leaves and flowers grow on

n1. one of the movements you make with your feet when you walk
n2. one of the surfaces that you walk on when you go up or down stairs
n3. one of the things that you do to achieve something
v. to move somewhere by lifting your foot and putting it down in a different place

step down
to give up a job or position

step on it
used to tell someone to drive faster or to hurry

adj. very serious and not friendly or funny

stick to something
to do what you say you will do or what you plan to do, and not change

adj1. hard and difficult to bend or move
adj2. If a part of your body is stiff, it hurts and does not move as easily as it should.

adv1. used to say that something is continuing to happen now
adv2. used to show that you did not expect something to happen
adv3. used to say that something continues to be possible

v1. to make something happen or develop more
v2. to make someone feel interested and excited

adj. causing enthusiasm and interest

n. an action or thing that makes someone or something become more enthusiastic or active

n. something that makes something else happen, grow, or develop more

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