TOEIC英・英単語 S-13

stainless steel
a type of steel which does not chemically react with air or water and does not change color

n. a step in a set of stairs

n. a set of stairs and the structure around them

n1. a share in something, esp. a financial share in a business, or an emotional investment in something
n2. In an activity or competition, the stakes are the costs or risks involved in competing.
n3. the amount of money that you risk on the result of a game or competition
n4. a thick, strong, pointed wood or metal pole pushed into the ground and used to mark a spot or to support something
v1. to risk harming or losing something important
v2. to fasten something to a stake

n1. a small shop with an open front or a table from which things are sold
n2. a structure in a sports ground where people can stand or sit to watch an event
v1. to be in a vertical position on your feet
v2. [~ (up)] to rise to a vertical position on your feet from sitting or lying down
v3. to be in a particular place or position
v4. to put something in a particular place or position

stand by
1. to be ready to do something
2. to show that you still believe or support something

stand for something
If a letter stands for a word, it is used to mean it.

stand up for something/someone
to defend or support a particular idea or a person who is being criticized or attacked

stand, stay, sit, etc. still
to stand, stay, sit, etc. without moving

adj. usual and not special
n1. a level of quality, especially a level that is good enough
n2. a level of behaviour, especially a level that is good enough

v. to change things so that they are all the same

adj1. permanent or always continuing to exist or happen
adj2. in a vertical position
n1. rank, position, or reputation in an area of activity, system, or organization
n2. Standings are ranked lists of people or things.

n. a set of beliefs and ideas from which opinions and decisions are formed

n. a condition in which all movement or activity has stopped

adj. A staple food, product, etc. is basic and very important.
n. a small piece of wire that you put through pieces of paper to join them together
v. to join pieces of paper together with staples

n. a piece of equipment used for putting staples through paper

n1. a ball of burning gases that you see as a small point of light in the sky at night
n2. a famous singer, actor, sportsman/sportswoman, etc.
n3. a shape that has five or more points
v. to be the main person in a movie, play, etc.

v. to become sick or die because you do not have enough food

n1. the condition that something or someone is in
n2. one of the parts that some countries are divided into
n3. [the ~] the government of a country
v. to officially say or write something

adj. very modern and using the latest ideas and methods

n. something that someone says or writes officially

adj. staying in one place without moving, or not changing for a long time

adj. not moving

n. things that you use for writing, such as pens and paper

adj. relating to statistics

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