TOEIC英・英単語 S-15

v. to state exactly what something must be or how something must be done

n. a statement that says exactly what something must be or how something must be done

n. the action of mixing food or liquid with a spoon
v1. to mix food or liquid by moving a spoon round and round in it
v2. to move slightly

n1. all the things that you can buy in a shop
n2. an amount of something that is ready to be used
n3. the value of a company, or a share in its value
v. to have something for people to buy

stock exchange
a place where stocks and shares in companies are bought and sold

stock market
the buying and selling of stocks and shares, or the value of stocks and shares being bought and sold

n. a person or group that owns part of a company in the form of shares

n. a room where products or materials are kept until they are needed

n1. the part of your body where food is digested
n2. the front part of your body just below your chest

stop by
to go into a place for a short time when you are going somewhere else

n. a short stay somewhere between two parts of a journey

n. If things are in storage, they have been put in a safe place until they are needed.

n1. a building or part of a building where you can buy things
n2. an amount of something that you are keeping to use later
v1. to put something somewhere and not use it until you need it
v2. to keep information on a computer

n. the part of a store that faces the street, usually a glass front

n. a room in which things that are not being used can be kept

n1. a description of a series of real or imaginary events that people read for enjoyment
n2. a level of a building

v. to put something in a place where it can be kept safely

adj1. not curved or bent
adj2. in a position that is level or vertical
adj3. honest
adv1. in a straight line
adv2. without pausing or delaying

straighten someone out
to cause someone to improve his or her behavior or character

straighten something out
to organize or correct something

n1. the feeling of being worried and nervous about something
n2. pressure put on something by a bad situation or by too much weight or force
n2. to hurt part of your body by using it too much
v1. to try hard to do something, usually to see or hear something

adj. not able to leave a place

n. a thin piece of hair, thread, rope, etc.

adj. relating to the way in which an organization, country, etc. decides what it wants to achieve and plans actions and use of resources over time to do this

n. a plan that you use to do something

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