TOEIC英・英単語 T-4

adj1. nervous and not able to relax

adj2. A tense situation makes you feel nervous.

n. in grammar, the form of a verb that shows the time at which an action happened.

v. If your muscles tense, they become tight and stiff, and if you tense them, you make them do this.

adj. not certain or confident

n. the period of time when someone holds a job, esp. an official position, or the right to keep a job permanently

n1. a period of time during which something lasts

n2. A term can be one of the periods into which a year is divided at a school or college

n3. a word or phrase used in relation to a particular subject

adj. (of a disease or illness) leading to death

n1. a building where you can get onto a plane, bus, or ship

n2. a piece of equipment consisting of a keyboard and screen, used for communicating with the part of a computer system that deals with information

v. If something terminates, it ends, and if you terminate something, you make it end.

n. the act of ending something, or the end of something

n1. the conditions that are part of an agreement or arrangement, or the features of an activity or idea

n2. If two people are on good/bad/friendly terms, they have a good/bad/friendly relationship with one another

n. an area of land, esp. when considering its natural features

adj. very bad

adv1. very

adv2. very badly

adj. excellent

n1. land that is owned or controlled by a particular country

n2. an area that an animal or person thinks belongs to them

adj. using few words

v. to give information and answer questions in a court of law

n. a statement that something is true, given in a court of law

n. a cloth, esp. one that is woven

thanks to
Thanks to means because of

that is (to say)
said when you want to give further details or be more exact about something

that is to say …
or more exactly

(That's) a likely story !
said when you do not believe something

the last person, thing, etc.
the least expected or wanted person or thing

n. the subject of a book, movie, speech, etc.

n. an idea or set of ideas that explains something

adj. having a healing effect; tending to make a person healthier

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