TOEIC英・英単語 T-2

take part (in sth)
to do an activity with other people

take place
to happen

take sb by surprise
To take someone by surprise means to do something that is completely unexpected.

take sb/sth by storm
to be suddenly extremely successful in a place or with a group of people

take sb/sth seriously
to believe that someone or something is important and that you should give attention to them

take sth as it comes
to deal with something as it happens, without planning for it

take sth for granted
to never think about something because you believe it will always be available or stay exactly the same

take sth into account/take account of sth
to think about something when judging a situation

take sth into consideration
to think about something when you make a decision or plan

take the blame
If you take the blame for something, you say that you did it or that it is your fault.

take the minutes
to write down what is said at a meeting and by whom

take turns
If you take turns, you and other people do the same thing, one after the other.

take up sth
1. to begin to do something

2. to discuss or manage something

3. to fill space or time

4. to shorten clothes

take/accept/claim responsibility for sth
to say that you have done something or caused something to happen, especially something bad

n. the moment when an aircraft leaves the ground and starts to fly

n1. prepared food that you buy in a restaurant but eat in a different place

n2. a restaurant that sells this type of meal

n. an act of taking control of something

n. a natural ability to do something

adj. showing natural ability in a particular area

talk about …
used to emphasize that something is very noticeable in the stated way

talk about sth/doing sth
to think about or make plans to do something in the future

talk sb/yourself into something
to persuade someone to do something, or to decide to do something

talk sb/yourself out of something
to persuade someone not to do something, or to decide not to do something

adj. Something that is tangible is real and can be seen, touched, or measured.

n. the part at the end of a pipe that controls the flow of water

v. to knock or touch something gently

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