TOEIC英・英単語 I-3

instrument /ínstrəmənt/ n. tool; implement; device; appliance; agent; means
instrument /ínstrəmənt/ v. to equip with devices for measuring, recording, or controlling
insufficient /ìnsəfíʃ(ə)nt/ adj. inadequate for some need, purpose, or use
insulate /ínsəlèit/ v. to separate from others; to segregate
insult /insʌ'lt/ n. affront; offense; rude remark or action
insult /insʌ'lt/ v. to speak or act in a rude or contemptuous manner; to offend; to affront
insurance /inʃú(ə)rəns/ n. contract by which property or persons are guaranteed against damage or loss
insure /inʃúər/ v. to provide a guarantee against possible damage or loss; to make certain
intangible /intæ'nʤəbl/ adj. not perceptible to the touch
integral /íntigrəl/ adj. necessary for completion
integrity /intégrəti/ n. honesty; uprightness; morality; wholeness; unity
intellect /íntəlèkt / n. the faculty of perception or thought.
intellectual /ìntəlékʧuəl/ adj. characterized by intelligence
intelligence /intéləʤəns/ n. ability to reason and understand; cleverness; brilliance; information
intelligible /intéləʤəbl/ adj. comprehensible
intend /inténd/ v. to have in mind
intense /inténs/ adj. extreme; great; powerful; strong; profound
intensify /inténsəfài/ v. to increase; to strengthen; to heighten
intensity /inténsəti/ n. strength; energy; extreme degree; depth; clarity
intensive /inténsiv/ adj. characterized by a high degree; highly concentrated
intent /intént/ adj. concentrated; focused; determined; resolute; purposeful
intent /intént/ n. plan; goal; aim; objective; meaning
intention /inténʃən/ n. plan; aim; goal; purpose
interact /íntərækt / v. to act reciprocally.
interaction /ìntəræ'kʃ(ə)n/ n. an influence; a mutual activity
intercept /ìntərsépt/ v. to interrupt the course of
interchangeable /ìntərʧéinʤəbl/ adj. can be traded; can be substituted by something else
interest /ínt(ə)rəst/ n. concern; affair; percentage on a loan which is paid over time
interest /ínt(ə)rəst/ v. to cause to become involved in; to arouse curiosity
interfere /ìntərfíər/ v. to impede; to obstruct; to hinder; to meddle
interim /íntərəm/ adj. temporary; provisional
interim /íntərəm/ adv. meanwhile; in the meantime
interim /íntərəm/ n. temporary arrangement; in between period
interior /intí(ə)riər/ adj. inner; inside; inland; of a country's domestic affairs; of an individual's inner life
interior /intí(ə)riər/ n. inside a building; inland section of a country
interject /ìntərʤékt/ v. to place between other things; to throw into the center of
intermediate /ìntərmí:diət/ adj. being in a middle place or degree or between extremes
intermission /ìntərmíʃən/ n. a recess
intermittent /ìntərmítnt/ adj. not continuous; sporadic; fitful; alternately stopping and starting
internal /intə':rnl/ adj. inner; inside; located within; of a country's domestic affairs
internal /intə':rnl/ n. inner quality; intrinsic characteristic
international /ìntərnæ'ʃənl/ adj. between countries; of relations between two or more countries
internationalize /ìntərnæ'ʃ(ə)nəlàiz/ v. to globalize; to make worldwide
interpret /intə':rprit/ v. to explain; to clarify; to elucidate; to understand or explain in a particular way
interpreter /intə':rpritər/ n. person who translates from one language to another (orally); person how clarifies; commentator
interrupt /ìntərʌ'pt/ v. to stop; to discontinue; to disturb; to bring a conversation to a halt
interruption /ìntərʌ'pʃən/ n. disturbance; discontinuance; stoppage; cutting-off
intervene /ìntərví:n / v. to interfere for some end.
interview /íntərvjù:/ n. meeting at which a person is evaluated through questioning (as for a job)
interview /íntərvjù:/ v. to question formally; to evaluate through questioning
interviewee /ìntərvju:í:/ n. person who is being asked questions; job candidate
interviewer /íntərvjù:ər/ n. person who ask questions (i.e. reporter or employer)
intimacy /íntəməsi/ n. close or confidential friendship
intimidate /intímədèit/ v. to cause to become frightened
intolerant /intɑ':lər(ə)nt / adj. bigoted.
intricate /íntrikət/ adj. complex; complicated; involved; entangled
introduce /ìntrəd(j)ú:s/ v. to present for the first time; to initiate; to establish; to announce
introduction /ìntrədʌ'kʃən/ n. act of acquainting one person with another; preface
introductory /ìntrədʌ'kt(ə)ri/ adj. preliminary; beginning
intrude /intrú:d/ v. to come in without leave or license
intrusion /intrú:ʒən / n. the act of entering without warrant or invitation; encroachment.
intuition /ìnt(j)u:íʃən/ n. instinctive knowledge or feeling
invalid /ínvəlid/ n. one who is disabled by illness or injury
invalid /ínvəlid / n. one who is disabled by illness or injury.
invaluable /invæ'ljuəbl/ adj. exceedingly precious
invariable /invériəbl/ adj. unchangeable
invasion /invéiʒən/ n. encroachment, as by an act of intrusion or trespass
invent /invént/ v. to originate; to create; to design; to fabricate; to concoct
invention /invénʃən/ n. creativity; resourcefulness; fabrication; falsehood
inventive /invéntiv/ adj. creative; new; original
inventor /invéntər/ n. creator; designer
inventory /ínvəntɔ`:ri/ n. stock; list of assets; act of checking stock
inventory /ínvəntɔ`:ri/ v. to make a detailed list of property; to summarize; to sum up the worth of
invest /invést/ v. to expend money or effort for future benefits; to grant; to install; to cover; to authorize
investigative /invéstigèitiv/ adj. specializing in uncovering and reporting hidden information
investigator /invéstigèitər / n. one who investigates.
investment /invéstmənt/ n. expenditure of money or effort for future benefits; authorization
investor /invéstər/ n. person who puts money into a project
invisible /invízəbl/ adj. impossible to see; imperceptible; hidden; concealed
invitation /ìnvətéiʃən/ n. request for one's presence; summons; call
invite /inváit/ v. to request the presence of; to solicit; to attract; to encourage; to promote
invoice /ínvɔis/ n. bill
invoice /ínvɔis/ v. to bill; to charge
involve /invɑ'lv/ v. to cause to be concerned with; to engage; to engross
involvement /invɑ':lvmənt/ n. inclusion; participation; connection; association; relation
irony /ái(ə)rəni / n. censure or ridicule under cover of praise or compliment.
irrational /iræ'ʃənl/ adj. not possessed of reasoning powers or understanding
irrelevant /iréləvənt/ adj. beside the point; unconnected; impertinent; immaterial
irresistible /ìrizístəbl/ adj. that can not be successfully withstood or opposed
irritate /írətèit/ v. to chafe or inflame, to bother
irritated /írətèitid/ adj. annoyed; aggravated; exasperated
irritation /ìrətéiʃən/ n. something which annoys or aggravates
isolate /áisəlèit/ v. to separate from others of its kind
issue /íʃu:/ n. topic; subject; matter; question; problem; publication
issue /íʃu:/ v. to publish; to distribute; to circulate; to emit
item /áitəm/ n. a single article or unit
itemize /áitəmàiz/ v. to catalog; to list; to enumerate; to set down in full detail
itinerary /aitínərèri/ n. route; travel plans; travel journal

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