TOEIC英・英単語 C-1

C.C. abbr. secondary email address; copy of a document, message, or email that is sent to a third party
C.C.O. abbr. a corporate official in charge of overseeing and managing compliance issues within an organization
C.E.O. abbr. head manager of a corporation, company or large organization
C.F.O. abbr. treasurer; person who is responsible for all financial aspects of a company
C.I.O. abbr. Chief Information Officer; person who is responsible for a company's internal information systems
C.O.D. abbr. cash payment to be made upon receipt of products or goods
C.O.O. abbr. head manager of a company or large organization
C.S.O. abbr. top executive rank; person who is responsible for the security of a company's communications and business systems
C.T.O. abbr. top executive rank; person who is responsible for research and development and possibly for new product plans
C.V. abbr. resume; chronological description of one's employment and educational history; biography
cab /kæ'b/ n. taxi; carriage; driver's compartment
cabinet /kæ'bənit/ n. small room; piece of office furniture; office; part of a government
calculate /kæ'lkjulèit/ v. to figure out; to compute
calculator /kæ'lkjulèitər/ n. small machine that makes computations
calendar /kæ'ləndər/ n. chart showing the months of a year (including days and weeks); schedule; timetable
calendar /kæ'ləndər/ v. to write down in a timetable; to register
call /kɔ':l/ n. telephone conversation; visit; invitation; claim; need
call /kɔ':l/ v. to invite; to speak loudly; to visit; to phone
call in v. to request
calorie /kæ'ləri / n. amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water 1 degree centigrade.
campaign /kæmpéin/ n. series of activities organized to accomplish a goal
campaign /kæmpéin/ v. to conduct a series of activities organized to accomplish a goal
canary /kəné(ə)ri/ adj. of a bright but delicate yellow
cancel /kæ'ns(ə)l/ v. to annul; to call off
cancellation /kæ`ns(ə)léiʃən/ n. nullification; termination; revocation
candid /kæ'ndid/ adj. honest; straightforward; open; frank
candidate /kæ'ndidèit/ n. applicant; nominee; examinee
canvass /kæ'nvəs/ n. examination; careful inspection; debate
canvass /kæ'nvəs/ v. to examine; to debate; to scrutinize; to solicit votes or opinions
capability /kèipəbíləti/ n. ability; skill; trait; characteristic; quality
capable /kéipəbl/ adj. skilled; able; proficient; adept
capacity /kəpæ'səti/ n. the ability to contain or hold; the maximum that something can hold or do
capital /kæ'pətl/ adj. main; major; chief; principal
capital /kæ'pətl/ n. property; financial means; assets; main city of a country of region
capital requirement n. the level of monetary funding a company needs to run smoothly
capitalization /kæ`pət(ə)lizéiʃən/ n. process of turning money into profit
capitalize /kæ'pət(ə)làiz/ v. to turn into money; to turn profit; to finance
caprice /kəprí:s/ n. a whim
capture /kæ'pʧər/ v. to copy; to photograph; to snapshot
car /kɑ':r/ n. automobile; elevator; vehicle; ride
card /kɑ':rd/ n. thin and flat object
card /kɑ':rd/ v. to ask for an identification (i.e. in a bar)
cardinal /kɑ':rdənl/ adj. of prime or special importance
care /kéər/ n. attention; concern; caution; supervision; management
care /kéər/ v. to be concerned with; to look out for; to watch over; to like; to be fond of
career /kəríər/ n. profession; development; progress; gradual growth
career /kəríər/ v. to evolve; to make to progress; to grow professionally; to develop; to speed
careful /kéərfəl/ adj. cautious; particular; concentrated; meticulous
cargo /kɑ':rgou/ n. freight; luggage; baggage; load
carnivorous /kɑ:rnívərəs/ adj. eating or living on flesh
carpenter /kɑ':rpəntər/ n. a person who makes things out of wood such as furniture
carpet /kɑ':rpit/ n. rug; fabric floor covering
carpet /kɑ':rpit/ v. to cover or to furnish with textile materials; to reprimand; to scold
carriage /kæ'riʤ/ n. coach; buggy; transportation
carrier /kæ'riər/ n. a person or business that transports passengers or goods
carry /kæ'ri/ v. to transport; to continue; to bear
carry out v. to put into practice; to accomplish; to perform; to conduct
cart /kɑ':rt/ n. car; wagon; coach; carriage; trolley
cart /kɑ':rt/ v. to drag or to carry by force
case /kéis/ n. occasion; instance; situation; bag
case /kéis/ v. to pack; to crate; to box
cash /kæ'ʃ/ n. money in the form of coins and bank notes
cash /kæ'ʃ/ v. to exchange a check (or another money order) for coins and bank notes; to redeem
cash reserves n. bank deposits that are available on a short-term basis; treasury bills
cast /kæ'st/ n. throw; team of actors; squint (of the eye)
cast /kæ'st/ v. to throw; to project; to form; to shape
castigate /kæ'stəgèit/ v. to punish
casual /kæ'ʒuəl/ adj. informal
casualty /kæ'ʒuəlti/ n. a fatal or serious accident or disaster
catalog /kæ't(ə)lɔ`:g/ adj. a list or itemized display
catalog /kæ't(ə)lɔ`:g/ n. itemized list; index; directory
catalog /kæ't(ə)lɔ`:g/ v. to make an itemized list of
catastrophe /kətæ'strəfi/ n. any great and sudden misfortune or calamity
catch up v. to bring up to date
categorize /kæ'təgəràiz/ v. to arrange in groups; to classify; to sort; to structure
category /kæ'təgɔ`:ri/ n. class; division; section; segment
cater /kéitər/ v. to provide; to supply (food, etc.); to care for
catering /kéitəriŋ/ n. business of supplying and servicing food
cause /kɔ':z/ n. reason; purpose; principle; factor; basis for a legal case
cause /kɔ':z/ v. to make happen; to bring about
caution /kɔ':ʃən/ n. notice; warning; caveat; carefulness; premonition
caution /kɔ':ʃən/ v. to warn; to notify of danger
cautious /kɔ':ʃəs/ adj. careful, wary
caveat /kæ'viɑ`:t/ n. caution; warning; admonition; suspension of proceedings (law)
cement /simént/ n. concrete; mortar; bonding agent; filling (for teeth)
cement /simént/ v. to reinforce; to bind together; to strengthen a connection
census /sénsəs/ n. an official numbering of the people of a country or district
central /séntrəl/ adj. main; principal; major
central /séntrəl/ n. telephone exchange; operator; main bureau or office
century /sénʧəri/ n. period of one hundred years
cereal /sí(ə)riəl/ adj. pertaining to edible grain or farinaceous seeds
ceremony /sérəmòuni/ n. rite; ritual; formality
certain /sə':rtn/ adj. sure; definite; particular; specific
certainly /sə':rtnli/ adv. of course; surely; doubtlessly; definitely; absolutely
certificate /sərtífikət/ n. official document; license; reference; attestation
certificate /sərtífikət/ v. to confirm; to license; to authorize
certify /sə':rtəfài/ v. to confirm to be true; to authorize
chain /ʧéin/ n. a group of enterprises under a single control
chain /ʧéin/ v. to tie down

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