TOEIC英・英単語 W-2

v. to become less strong or powerful, or to make someone or something less strong or powerful

n. a large amount of money or property someone has

adj. rich

v1. to have a piece of clothing, jewellery, etc. on your body

v2. to become thin and damaged after being used a lot, or to make this happen

wear sb out
to make someone very tired

wear sth out
to use something so much that it is damaged and cannot be used any more

weather forecast
a description of what the weather will be like for the next few hours, days, etc.

v. to make cloth by crossing threads under and over each other by hand or on a machine

n. one of the five days from Monday to Friday, when people usually go to work or school

adj. lasting one week

adj.adv. happening once a week or every week

v1. to be pulled toward the earth with a particular force that can be measured, or to measure this force in an object; to show an amount of weight

v2. to consider something carefully, esp. by comparing facts or possibilities, in order to make a decision

v3. to have an influence

n1. how heavy someone or something is

n2. the quality of being heavy

adj1. (of someone who visits) received in a friendly way

adj2. "You’re welcome" is a polite answer when someone thanks you

v1. to meet or speak to someone in a friendly way when that person comes to the place where you are

v2. to be pleased about or support something

n. a person whose job is welding

n1. A person’s welfare is his or her health and happiness.

n2. money or help that a government gives to people who are poor or do not have jobs

Well done !
used to tell someone how pleased you are about their success

n. the state of feeling healthy and happy

adj. known or recognized by many people

n. the condition of being healthy

n. a structure built next to water where boats stop and things are taken on and off

n. a circular object fixed under a vehicle so that it moves smoothly over the ground

n. a big, open container with a wheel at the front and handles, used to move things

when it comes to sth/to doing sth
when it is a question of something

conj. (used to refer to one or more possibilities or to express uncertainty) if

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