TOEIC英・英単語 S-19

adj1. If someone is superficial, they never think about things that are serious or important.
adj2. not complete and involving only the most obvious things
adj3. only on the surface of something

n1. in the US, someone whose job is to take care of an apartment building
n2. in the UK, a police officer of high rank

adj. better than other things

n. the quality of being better than other things

v. to watch a person or activity and make certain that everything is done correctly, safely, etc.

n. the act of watching a person or activity to make certain that everything is done correctly or safely

n. someone who supervises

adj. relating to the work of making sure that workers and companies are obeying rules, doing their work correctly and safely, etc.

v. to add something to something to make it larger or better
v1. something that is added to something else in order to improve it or complete it; something extra
v2. a part of a magazine or newspaper, either produced separately or as part of the magazine or newspaper

adj. added to something else in order to improve it or complete it

n. a person, company, or country that provides goods of a particular kind

n. an amount of something that is ready to be used
v. to give things that people want or need, often over a long period of time

n1. help or encouragement given to someone when they are having problems
n2. the money someone needs in order to buy food and clothes, and pay for somewhere to live
n3. agreement with an idea, group, or person
v1. to help someone, often when they are having problems
v2. to take care of someone by paying for their food, clothes, etc.
v3. to agree with an idea, group, or person
v4. to hold the weight of someone or something
v5. to give encouragement or money to someone or something because you want them to succeed

adj1. giving encouragement and approval
adj2. actively giving help to someone who needs it

conj. used at the beginning of a sentence or clause to mean 'what would happen if'
v. to think that something is probably true

adj1. having the highest rank, level, or importance
adj2. very great, or the best

n. a charge in addition to the usual amount paid for something, or the amount already paid
v. to charge an extra amount

adj1. certain
adj2. [be ~ of something] to be confident that something is true
adj3. [be ~ of yourself] to be confident of your own abilities, qualities, etc.
adv. used to show agreement

n1. the top or outside part of something
n2. what someone or something seems to be like when you do not know much about them

surface mail
the service in which letters, packages, etc., are sent by road, ship, or train, rather than by plane, or mail that is sent in this way

n. a sudden large increase
v. to increase suddenly and by a large amount

n. a doctor who cuts people’s bodies and removes or repairs part of them

n. medical treatment in which a doctor cuts your body open and repairs or removes something

n. the name that you and people in your family all have

v. to do or be better or greater than something

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