TOEIC英・英単語 F-2

flexible /fléksəbl/ adj. not rigid, able to change easily
flight /fláit/ n. flying; aviation; trip on an airplane; escape
floor /flɔ':r/ n. flat surface at the bottom of the room on which you walk; story; level of a building
floor /flɔ':r/ v. to knock down; to astound; to shock
florist /flɔ':rist/ n. owner of a flower shop; person who makes flower arrangements
fluctuate /flʌ'kʧuèit/ v. to go up and down; to change
fluctuation /flʌ`kʧuéiʃən/ n. vacillation; instability; wavering; inconstancy; change
fluency /flú:ənsi/ n. ability to speak and write easily; eloquence; articulateness; gracefulness
fluent /flú:ənt/ adj. articulate; eloquent; able to read and write with ease; graceful; flowing
flux /flʌ'ks / n. a state of constant movement, change, or renewal.
focus /fóukəs/ n. center; hub; concentration
focus /fóukəs/ v. to make clear; to concentrate
fold /fóuld/ n. bend; crease; depression in the ground; hollow between two hills; yard
fold /fóuld/ v. to bend paper
folder /fóuldər/ n. dossier for storing papers; directory
folklore /fóuklɔ`:r/ n. the traditions, beliefs, and customs of the common people
follow up n. the continuation of a previous action
follow up v. to take additional steps, to continue
food /fú:d/ n. nourishment; substance which provides the body with nutrients; sustenance
forcible /fɔ':rsəbl/ adj. violent
forecast /fɔ':rkæ`st/ adj. predicted; expected; anticipated
forecast /fɔ':rkæ`st/ n. a prediction of a future event
forecast /fɔ':rkæ`st/ v. to estimate or calculate in advance
forecaster /fɔ':rkæstər/ n. person who foretells future events; weatherman
forehead /fɔ':rid/ n. the upper part of the face, between the eyes and the hair
foreign /fɔ':rən/ adj. strange; unfamiliar; from or of another place; pertaining to dealings with another country
foreigner /fɔ':rənər/ n. a citizen of a foreign country
foremost /fɔ':rmòust/ adv. first in place or rank; primary; leading; main
foresee /fɔ:rsí:/ v. to predict; to prophesy; to foretell
forfeit /fɔ':rfit / v. to lose possession of through failure to fulfill some obligation.
forget /fərgét/ v. to be unable to remember
form /fɔ':rm/ n. shape; image; framework; document with blank spaces to be filled in; fitness; type
form /fɔ':rm/ v. to shape; to create; to design; to arrange; to be created
formal /fɔ':rməl/ adj. ceremonious; conventional; according to custom; stiff; strict; symmetrical
formal /fɔ':rməl/ n. occasion which requires fancy dress (dance, ball, etc.); evening gown
format /fɔ':rmæt/ n. structure; pattern; design; organization; pattern of data organization
format /fɔ':rmæt/ v. to design the appearance of; to arrange; to prepare a diskette or hard disk for use
formation /fɔ:rméiʃən/ n. relative disposition of parts
formatted /fɔ':rmætid/ adj. arranged in a particular way; prepared for reading and writing
formidable /fɔ':rmidəbl / adj. difficult to accomplish.
formula /fɔ':rmjulə/ n. set way of saying or doing something; principle; pattern
formulate /fɔ':rmjulèit/ v. to devise; to conceive; to develop; to plan
fortunate /fɔ':rʧənət/ adj. lucky; successful; opportune
fortune /fɔ':rʧən/ n. luck; wealth; chance; success; riches
forward /fɔ':rwərd/ adj. advanced; ahead; ready; brash; of the future; progressive
forward /fɔ':rwərd/ adv. ahead; to the front
forward /fɔ':rwərd/ n. player positioned at the front of the offensive line (Sports)
forward /fɔ':rwərd/ v. to send; to convey; to transmit; to promote; to advance
foster /fɔ':stər/ adj. entrusted to the care
foster /fɔ':stər/ v. to encourage; to nurture; to promote; to raise; to care for
found /fáund/ adj. discovered
found /fáund/ v. to establish; to create; to build; to set up; to start a company
foundation /faundéiʃən/ n. base; fundament; substructure; establishing; institution
founder /fáundər/ n. establisher; organization or channel; person who gives authorization to operate a channel
founder /fáundər/ v. to fill with water and sink; to fall; to fail; to stumble; to cause to sink
fraction /fræ'kʃən/ n. product of the division of one number by another; part of a whole; segment; fragment; quotient
fracture /fræ'kʧər/ n. a break
fragile /fræ'ʤəl/ adj. easily broken
fragile /fræ'ʤəl / adj. easily broken.
frame /fréim/ n. casing; skeleton; structure; body structure; mood
frame /fréim/ v. to contrive false evidence against; to set up; to construct; to build; to fashion; to formulate
framework /fréimwə:rk/ n. support; skeleton; structure; system
franchise /fræ'nʧaiz/ n. license to market a company's goods or services; business which has been granted a license
franchise /fræ'nʧaiz/ v. to grant a license to an individual or group; to grant the right to vote
franchisor /frɑ'nki-sɔ':r/ n. person who has the right to grant a license
frank /fræ'ŋk/ adj. honest; sincere; straightforward; open; candid
frank /fræ'ŋk/ n. mark or signature which allows a letter or package to be sent free of charge
frank /fræ'ŋk/ v. to deliver without charge
fraud /frɔ':d/ n. swindle; deceit; cheating; forgery; embezzlement
fraudulent /frɔ':ʤulənt/ adj. guilty; dishonest
fraught /frɔ':t/ adj. full of or accompanied by; charged with; laden with
freight /fréit/ n. cargo or goods that are shipped for a fee; shipping cost; transportation; conveyance; shipment
freight /fréit/ v. to load with goods; to load; to weigh down; to send as cargo
frequency /frí:kwənsi/ n. quality of occurring regularly; rate at which a function reoccurs
frequent /frí:kwənt/ adj. happening often; regular; common; usual
frequent /frí:kwənt/ v. to go regularly to (a certain place); to patronize
frequently /frí:kwəntli/ adv. regularly; often
frisky /fríski/ adj. energetic; full of life; playful; lively
frugal /frú:gəl/ adj. economical
fuel /fjú:əl/ n. substance burned to create energy (petrol, gasoline, gas, wood, coal, etc.)
fuel /fjú:əl/ v. to provide with a combustible substance that provides energy
fueled /fjú:əld/ adj. filled with petrol, gas or another substance that produces energy
fulfill /fulfíl/ v. to finish completely
fulfillment /fulfílmənt/ n. realization; performance; completion; gratification; satisfaction
function /fʌ'ŋkʃən/ n. duty; role; purpose; feature; convention
function /fʌ'ŋkʃən/ v. to perform tasks
fund /fʌ'nd/ n. amount of money set aside for a specific purpose; supply
fund /fʌ'nd/ v. to finance; to supply with money; to allocate financial sums; to extend a short-term obligation
fundamental /fʌ`ndəméntl/ adj. basic; elemental; essential
fundamental /fʌ`ndəméntl/ n. principle; basis; essential
funnel /fʌ'nl/ n. device with a wide opening at the top which narrows as it reaches the bottom
funnel /fʌ'nl/ v. to channel; to centralize
funnelled /fʌ'n(ə)ld/ adj. channeled; centralized
furniture /fə':rniʧər/ n. movable articles for use in a home or office (i.e. chairs, desks, cabinets, closets, etc.)
further /fə':rðər/ adj. more distant; additional
further /fə':rðər/ adv. to a greater distance; more; in addition
further /fə':rðər/ v. to advance; to encourage; to promote; to assist
fussy /fʌ'si/ adj. exacting; choosy; ornate; nagging; annoying
futile /fjú:tl/ adj. of no avail or effect

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