TOEIC英・英単語 E-3

execute /éksikjù:t/ v. to perform; to carry out; to put into practice
executive /igzékjutiv/ adj. administrative; operational; having the power to execute laws and policy
executive /igzékjutiv/ n. manager; person or group of persons having administrative authority within an organization
exempt /igzém(p)t/ adj. free, clear, or released, as from some liability, or restriction affecting others
exert /igzə':rt/ v. to exercise; to use; to make an effort
exertion /igzə':rʃən/ n. putting to use; putting into action; effort; struggle; strain
exhale /ekshéil/ v. to breathe forth
exhaust /igzɔ':st/ v. to empty by draining off the contents
exhibit /igzíbit/ n. something presented as evidence in a court of law; display; show
exhibit /igzíbit/ v. to show; to display; to demonstrate; to present
exhibition /èksəbíʃən/ n. display; show; public presentation of work or skills; trade fair
exist /igzíst/ v. to live; to be
existence /igzíst(ə)ns/ n. living; state of being; life
exit /égzət/ n. passage that leads out
exit /égzət/ v. to leave; to go out
exotic /igzɑ'tik / adj. foreign.
expand /ikspæ'nd/ v. to grow larger; to broaden; to increase; to enlarge; to add to
expanse /ikspæ'ns / n. a continuous area or stretch.
expansion /ikspæ'nʃən/ n. enlargement; increase; spread; development
expect /ikspékt/ v. to assume; to anticipate; to hope
expectancy /ikspékt(ə)nsi/ n. hope; anticipation; assumption
expectation /èkspektéiʃən/ n. anticipation; longing or waiting for; hope
expedite /ékspədàit/ v. to speed up; to accelerate; to facilitate; to dispatch
expel /ikspél/ v. eject; drive out; banish
expend /ikspénd / v. to spend.
expenditure /ikspéndiʧər/ n. spending; disbursement; outlay (especially financial)
expense /ikspéns/ n. cost; price; payment
expensive /ikspénsiv/ adj. marked by high prices
experience /ikspí(ə)riəns/ n. an event or a series of events participated in or lived through
experience /ikspí(ə)riəns/ v. to try; to live through; to feel; to endure
experiment /ikspérəmənt/ n. a test or trial
experiment /ikspérəmənt/ v. to try out a new procedure or idea
expert /ékspə:rt/ adj. skilled; knowledgeable; highly sophisticated; very experienced
expert /ékspə:rt/ n. a specialist
expertise /èkspərtí:z/ n. proficiency; skill; specialist knowledge and information
expiration /èkspəréiʃən/ n. termination; end
expire /ikspáiər/ v. to come to an end
explain /ikspléin/ v. to illustrate; to elucidate; to interpret; to describe; to define
explanation /èksplənéiʃən/ n. interpretation; something that clarifies; description; definition
explicit /ékspləkìt/ adj. definite
explode /iksplóud/ v. to cause to burst in pieces by force from within
explore /iksplɔ':r/ v. to investigate systematically
explorer /iksplɔ':rər/ n. researcher; investigator; software program for file management
explosion /iksplóuʒən/ n. a sudden and violent outbreak
explosive /iksplóusiv/ adj. pertaining to a sudden and violent outbreak
export /ikspɔ':rt/ n. shipping of goods to other countries
export /ikspɔ':rt/ v. to ship; to send abroad; to sell goods and products overseas
expose /ikspóuz/ v. to reveal; to uncover; to disclose; to abandon
exposure /ikspóuʒər/ n. denouncement; revealing; photograph; abandoning; placement
express /iksprés/ adj. fast and direct
express /iksprés/ n. system for prompt transportation of people or parcels; dispatch conveyed by special messenger
express /iksprés/ v. to give an opinion or depict emotion
expression /ikspréʃən/ n. putting into words; phrase; word; manifestation
expulsion /ikspʌ'lʃən/ n. forcible ejection
extend /iksténd/ v. to make longer; to offer
extension /iksténʃən/ n. expansion; branch of a telephone network; supplement; reprieve
extensive /iksténsiv/ adj. spreading over a large area; comprehensive
extent /ikstént/ n. scope; range; scale; size; measure; degree
exterior /ikstí(ə)riər / n. that which is outside.
external /ikstə':rnl / n. anything relating or belonging to the outside.
extinct /ikstíŋkt/ adj. being no longer in existence
extinguish /ikstíŋgwiʃ/ v. to render extinct
extract /ikstræ'kt/ n. substance obtained from a plant; essence; text paragraph; passage
extract /ikstræ'kt/ v. to remove; to take out; to squeeze; to press; to elicit
extradite /ékstrədàit/ v. to hand over to another nation or judicial authority
extraordinary /ikstrɔ':rdənèri/ adj. unusual
extravagant /ikstræ'vigənt/ adj. needlessly free or lavish in expenditure

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