TOEIC英・英単語 S-9

n1. a position that is sloping
n2. a way of writing about something that shows who or what you support
v. to slope in a particular direction

adj1. sloping in one direction
adj2. showing information about one person, one side of an argument, etc. in such a positive or negative way that it is unfair:

n. a dark grey rock that can easily be cut into thin pieces, or a small, flat piece of this used to cover a roof

adj. Sleek hair is smooth and very shiny

adj. feeling tired and wanting to go to sleep

n1. a large object that children climb and slide down as a game
n2. a small piece of film that you shine light through in order to see a photograph
v. to move smoothly over a surface

adj1. small and not important

adj2. Someone who is slight is thin.

adv. a little

n1. a small piece of paper
n2. a small mistake
v1. to slide by accident and fall or almost fall
v2. to slide out of the correct position
v3. to go somewhere quietly or quickly

adj. If something is slippery, it is difficult to hold or walk on because it is smooth or wet.

adj1. moving, happening, or doing something without much speed
adj2. If a clock is slow, it shows a time that is earlier than the correct time.
v. to become slower or to make something become slower

n. a reduction in speed or activity

adv. at a slow speed

adj. moving or working more slowly than usual

v1. If a price, value, or amount slumps, it goes down suddenly.
v2. to fall or sit down suddenly because you feel tired or weak

small business
a small company, or small companies as a group. A small business is often privately owned, does not employ many people, and has a low volume of sales

smoke detector
a device that makes a loud noise when smoke is present to warn of a possible fire

adv. easily and without interruption or difficulty

n. a small amount of food

so (that)
in order to make something happen or be possible

so as to
in order to

so far
until now

adj. used to show that you think a word that is used to describe someone or something is wrong

v1. to put something in a liquid for a period of time
v2. to make something very wet

adj. completely wet

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