TOEIC英・英単語 S-7

adv1. not long
adv2. soon

shortly after/before something
a short time after or before something

n1. the act of firing a bullet from a gun
n2. an attempt to score a point in sports such as football
n3. a photograph

n. a tool used for digging that has a long handle and a wide, flat metal part at one end

show off
to do something to attract attention to yourself

show off something/someone
to make it possible for others to see and admire something or someone

show up
to appear or be seen
to arrive for a gathering or event

show up someone
to do something that embarrasses someone or makes someone seem stupid

n1. an act of washing your whole body while standing under a flow of water
n2. a special area of a bathroom that you stand in to wash your whole body
n3. a short period of rain
v. to wash your body while standing under a flow of water

n. a large store in which people can look at goods before buying them

n. a very small piece that has been torn from something
v. to tear or cut something into small, thin pieces

shut down
1. if a computer or other machine shuts down or someone shuts it down, it stops operating
2. if someone shuts a process down, they stop it
3. if a business or organization shuts down or someone shuts it down, it stops operating either temporarily or permanently

n1. the act or process of ending the operations of a business, system, industry, etc., either temporarily or permanently
n2. the act or process of stopping the operation of a computer or other machine

n1. a bus, train, plane etc that travels regularly between two places, usually a short distance
n2. a spacecraft that can go into space and return to Earth more than once; space shuttle
v. to travel or take people regularly between the same two places

sick leave
permitted absence from work because of illness

n. the state or condition of being ill, or a disease

side by side
next to each other

side effect
an unwanted or unexpected result or condition that comes along with the desired effects of something

n. a path with a hard surface by the side of a road that people walk on

n. the activity of visiting interesting or beautiful places

n1. a symbol or message in a public place that gives information or instructions
n2. something that shows that something is happening
n3. a movement you make to give someone information or tell them what to do
n4. a symbol that has a particular meaning
n5. one of the twelve signs that are based on star positions when you are born, which some people believe shows what type of person you are
v. to write your name on something to show that you wrote, painted, or created it, or to show that you agree to it

sign up
to join a group or organization

n. your name written in your own way, which is difficult for someone else to copy

n. the importance or meaning of something

adj. important, large, or great, esp. in leading to a different result or to an important change

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