TOEIC英・英単語 U-4

upside down
turned so that the part that is usually at the top is now at the bottom

adv. on or to a higher level of a building

adv. towards a higher place or level

upward of
if a number, value, etc. is upward of something, it is at least that amount or more

adj. belonging or relating to a town

n. a strong wish or need

v. [~ sb to do sth] to try to persuade someone to do something

adj. very important and needing you to take action immediately

n1. the act of using something, or the state of something being used

n2. a purpose for which something is used

n3. one of the meanings of a word, or the way that a particular word is used

v1. If you use something, you do something with it for a particular purpose.

v2. to take an amount from a supply of something

adj1. [be ~ to sth/doing sth] If you are used to something, you have done it or had it many times before.

adj2. [get ~ to sth/doing sth] to become familiar with something or someone

adj. owned by someone else before you

used to do/be sth
If something used to happen, it happened often or existed in the past but it does not happen now.

adj. helping you to do or get something

adj. easy to use or understand

n. a man who shows people where they should sit, especially at a formal event such as a wedding or at a theatre or cinema

v. to show someone where they should go, or to make someone go where you want them to go

adj. normal and happening most often

adv. in the way that most often happens

n. a tool that you use for doing jobs in the house, especially cooking

n1. the usefulness of something

n2. a service that is used by the public, such as an electricity or gas supply

v. to use something in an effective way

adj. greatest or most or farthest

n. the most or best that is possible

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