TOEIC英・英単語 Q

qualification /kwɑ`ləfikéiʃən/ n. fitness; suitability; limitation; diploma or certificate stating one's abilities
qualifications /kwɑ`lifikéiʃ(ə)nz/ n. requirements, qualities, or abilities needed for something
qualify /kwɑ'ləfài/ v. to train; to certify; to meet the minimum standards; to moderate; to modify
quality /kwɑ'ləti/ adj. excellent; having superior characteristics; fine
quality /kwɑ'ləti/ n. a distinguishing characteristic; a degree of excellence
quantity /kwɑ'ntəti/ n. amount; extent; measure; degree; size; magnitude
quarantine /kwɔ':rəntì:n/ n. the enforced isolation of any person or place infected with contagious disease
quarrelsome /kwɔ':rəlsəm/ adj. irascible
quarter /kwɔ':rtər/ adj. being one fourth; having four equal parts
quarter /kwɔ':rtər/ n. one fourth; neighborhood; coin worth 25 cents; period of three months; district
quarterly /kwɔ':rtərli/ adj. occurring every three months; taking place four times a year
quarterly /kwɔ':rtərli/ adv. four times a year; once every three months
queue /kju:z/ n. line; file (British); row; braid; plait
queue /kju:z/ v. to stand in line; to make a row; to form a line (British)
quiet /kwáiət/ adj. silent; noiseless; peaceful; tranquil; still; lacking activity
quiet /kwáiət/ n. silence; noiselessness; stillness; tranquility; muteness; speechlessness
quite /kwáit/ adv. fully
quotation /kwoutéiʃən/ n. citation; passage taken from another source; reference; commercial offer; statement of price
quote /kwóut/ n. a quotation
quote /kwóut/ v. to give exact information on

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