TOEIC英・英単語 L-2

load /lóud/ v. to fill; to pack (with goods, cargo, etc.)
loan /lóun/ n. amount of money that has been borrowed; something borrowed; act of giving temporarily
loan /lóun/ v. to lend a sum of money for a period of time; to give temporarily
lobby /lɑ'bi/ n. an anteroom, foyer, or waiting room
local /lóukəl/ adj. characterized; by or occupying a particular place
local /lóukəl/ n. person who is native to or resides in a particular area
locate /lóukeit/ v. to situate; to place; to identify; to find; to settle
located /lóukeitid/ adj. situated; placed; identified; found; existing; standing
location /loukéiʃən/ n. a position or site
lock /lɑ'k/ n. fastening mechanism which is opened with a key or other device
lock /lɑ'k/ v. to fix in place; to link firmly together; to be held in place
lock into v. to commit; to be unable to change
locksmith /lɑ'ksmìθ/ n. person who who makes and fixes keys and fasting mechanisms
logic /lɑ'ʤik/ n. the science of correct thinking
logical /lɑ'ʤikəl/ adj. formally valid; using orderly reasoning
logistics /louʤístiks/ n. planning and execution; management of a business or other operation
logo /lóugou/ n. graphic symbol which represents a company or organization
long-term /lɑ`:ŋtə':rm/ adj. involving or extending over a long period
longevity /lɑnʤévəti/ n. unusually prolonged life
look forward to v. to anticipate gladly
look into v. to investigate
look over v. to examine
look up to v. to admire, to think highly of
looked to v. to depend on , to rely on
loom /lú:m/ n. apparatus on which fabrics are woven; weaving machine
loom /lú:m/ v. to appear as a large and indistinct form; to appear as larger than life; to impend
loop /lú:p/ n. fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines
loop /lú:p/ v. to make circular shape
lose /lú:z/ v. to misplace; to be deprived of; to be defeated; to fail; opposite of to win
loss /lɔ':s/ n. opposite of profit; deprivation; defeat; destruction
lounge /láunʤ/ n. sofa; couch; lobby; slow walk; stroll
lounge /láunʤ/ v. to lie down; to recline; to move in a relaxed manner; to walk lazily
loyal /lɔ'iəl/ adj. faithful; true to one's obligations
loyalty /lɔ'iəlti/ n. faithfulness; devotion; constancy
Ltd. abbr. firm, company that is organized in such a way as to give its owners limited liability
lucid /lú:sid/ adj. comprehensible; intelligible; rational; transparent; bright
lucrative /lú:krətiv/ adj. profitable; yielding monetary rewards; gainful
ludicrous /lú:dəkrəs/ adj. laughable
luggage /lʌ'giʤ/ n. suitcases; cases and bags carried by travelers
lumber /lʌ'mbər/ n. trees that have been sawed into rough planks; useless items that been put in storage
lumber /lʌ'mbər/ v. to move heavily or awkwardly; to accumulate; to collect
luncheon /lʌ'nʧən/ n. afternoon party where a light meal is served
lying /láiiŋ/ n. untruthfulness

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