TOEIC英・英単語 D-3

discrete /diskrí:t/ adj. separate; individual; discontinuous
discretion /diskréʃən/ n. caution; wisdom; careful judgment
discriminate /diskrímənèit/ v. to draw a distinction
discuss /diskʌ's/ v. to talk about; to debate; to converse
discussion /diskʌ'ʃən/ n. debate; conversation; talk; dispute; argument
disease /dizí:z/ n. sickness; illness
disembark /dìsembɑ':rk/ v. to go ashore from a boat; to leave a plane or vehicle; to land
disinterested /disíntərèstid/ adj. impartial
disk /dísk/ n. flat circular object
dislodge /dislɑ'ʤ/ v. to extricate; to remove; to evict; to oust; to expel
dismal /dízməl/ adj. gloomy; cheerless; bad; depressing; sad
dismiss /dismís/ v. to send away; to fire; to release; to free
dismissal /dismísəl/ n. displacement by authority from an office or an employment
disparate /díspərət/ adj. markedly different; contrasting
dispatch /dispæ'ʧ/ n. sending off; shipment; message; communication; promptness
dispatch /dispæ'ʧ/ v. to send off quickly; to dismiss; to conclude with speed and efficiency; to eliminate
dispel /dispél/ v. to drive away by or as by scattering in different directions
dispense /dispéns/ n. expenditure; pardon
dispense /dispéns/ v. to do without; to give up; to distribute; to give out; to hand out
disperse /dispə':rs/ v. to spread widely, to scatter
displace /displéis/ v. to put out of the proper or accustomed place
display /displéi/ n. what is visible on a monitor
display /displéi/ v. to show
disposal /dispóuzəl/ n. getting rid of; arranging
dispose /dispóuz/ v. to control; to arrange; to put in order
disposition /dìspəzíʃən/ n. character; nature; trait; arrangement; placement
dispute /dispjú:t/ n. quarrel; disagreement; argument
dispute /dispjú:t/ v. to argue; to debate; to contest; to oppose; to fight against
disregard /dìsrigɑ':rd/ v. to take no notice of
disrupt /disrʌ'pt/ v. to interrupt; to disturb
disseminate /disémənèit/ v. to scatter widely; to distribute
dissent /disént/ n. disagreement
dissipate /dísəpèit/ v. to scatter; to spread out; to be scattered
dissolution /dìsəlú:ʃən/ n. a breaking up of a union of persons
dissolve /dizɑ'lv/ v. to liquefy or soften, as by heat or moisture
dissuade /diswéid/ v. to change the purpose or alter the plans of by persuasion, counsel, or pleading
distinction /distíŋkʃən / n. a note or designation of honor, officially recognizing superiority or success in studies.
distinctive /distíŋktiv/ adj. special; unique; different
distinguish /distíŋgwiʃ/ v. to make noticeable or different
distort /distɔ':rt/ v. to twist into an unnatural or irregular form
distract /distræ'kt/ v. to disturb; to confuse; to worry; to divert; to amuse
distraction /distræ'kʃən/ n. the act of being turned away from the focus
distributor /distríbjutər/ n. person, company or organization that markets a commodity, product or service; wholesaler; dealer
distrust /distrʌ'st/ n. lack of confidence in the power, wisdom, or good intent of any person
disturb /distə':rb/ v. to interfere with; to interrupt
diverse /divə':rs/ adj. different; varied
diversification /divə`:rsəfikéiʃən/ n. process of becoming varied; sale of a variety of products and services
diversify /divə':rsəfài/ v. to make different; to invest one's assets in various securities
diversion /divə':rʒən / n. pastime.
diversity /divə':rsəti/ n. variety; difference; unlikeness
divert /divə':rt/ v. to distract; to entertain; to turn in a different direction; to deflect
divide /diváid/ n. separation; ridge between drainage areas; watershed
divide /diváid/ v. to separate into parts
dividend /dívədènd/ n. a share in a distribution
division /divíʒən/ n. partitioning; department; faculty; ranking; level according to difficulty
doctor /dɑ'ktər/ n. person who is licensed to practice medicine (i.e. physician, surgeon etc.)
doctor /dɑ'ktər/ v. to provide medical treatment; to fix; to repair; to mend
document /dɑ'kjumənt/ n. certificate; written file
document /dɑ'kjumənt/ v. to record for evidence; to write down; to substantiate
documentation /dɑ`kjumentéiʃən/ n. collection of written records; use of written records as evidence
dollar drain n. a situation in which the imports of a country from the USA are larger than their exports to the USA
domain /douméin/ n. a sphere or field of action or interest
domestic /dəméstik/ adj. pertaining to home; pertaining to family; tame (about an animal)
domestic /dəméstik/ n. housemaid; servant; housekeeper
dominant /dɑ'mənənt/ adj. conspicuously prominent
dominate /dɑ'mənèit/ v. to control; to rule; to command
domination /dɑ`mənéiʃən/ n. control by the exercise of power or constituted authority
donate /dóuneit/ v. to give; to contribute; to grant; to bestow
donation /dounéiʃən/ n. gift; contribution
donor /dóunər/ n. one who makes a donation or present
dot /dɑ't/ n. spot; speck; part (the point) in an Internet web address
dot /dɑ't/ v. to stud; to constellate
dotted /dɑ'tid/ adj. spotted; speckled; composed of a series of small dashes (about a line)
doubt /dáut/ n. misgiving; lack of certainty
doubt /dáut/ v. to be uncertain; to have misgivings
down payment n. an initial partial payment
download /dáunloud/ v. to copy files from a distant computer onto another computer through an Internet connection
downsize /dàunsáiz/ adj. of a smaller version or dimension
downsize /dàunsáiz/ v. to reduce the size of; to make smaller; to cut the number of employees
downsizing /dàunsáiziŋ/ n. bringing something down to a smaller scale; lowering expenses
downtown /dàuntáun/ adj. pertaining to the commercial center of a city
downtown /dàuntáun/ adv. into the city center; into the the town
downtown /dàuntáun/ n. commercial center of a city; business distract
downturn /dáuntə:rn/ n. negative tendency (especially in economy or business)
downward /dáunwərd/ adj. descending
downward /dáunwərd/ adv. towards a lower place, position or section
draft /dræ'ft/ n. rough outline; sketch; written order for payment; conscription
draft /dræ'ft/ v. to make an outline; to draw up in written form; to conscript; to draw out and separate
dramatist /dræ'mətist/ n. one who writes plays
drastic /dræ'stik/ adj. extreme; intense; severe
drastically /dræ'stik(ə)li/ adv. intensely; in an extreme manner; severely
draw /drɔ':/ n. attraction; lottery; contest which ends in a tie; natural channel; gully
draw /drɔ':/ v. to cause to come by attracting
dress code n. formally or socially imposed standards of attire
drill /dríl/ n. practice; training; furrow; seeding machine; row of seeds in a furrow
drill /dríl/ v. to bore a hole; to practice; to train; to sow seeds in rows
drive /dráiv/ n. trip in a vehicle; type of computer hardware; combined effort to accomplish a goal (i.e. fund raiser)
drive /dráiv/ v. to travel in a car; to transport in a vehicle; to compel
driver /dráivər/ n. chauffeur; program which enables an operating system to communicate with a particular device
drop /drɑ'p/ n. small globule of liquid; drip; very small amount; pendant

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