TOEIC英・英単語 C-3

combination /kɑ`mbənéiʃən/ n. joining; union; an ordered sequence
combine /kəmbáin/ n. harvesting machine
combine /kəmbáin/ v. to come together
come across v. to happen upon; to find by chance; to discover; to see
come along v. to accompany someone; to appear; to advance; to succeed
come up with v. to plan, to invent, to think of
comfort /kʌ'mfərt/ n. relief; consolation; coziness
comfort /kʌ'mfərt/ v. to bring relief; to encourage; to console
comfortable /kʌ'mftəbl/ adj. easy; relaxing; cosy; financially well to do
comforting /kʌ'mfərtiŋ/ adj. consoling; encouraging; reassuring; brining relief; heartening
comical /kɑ'mikəl / adj. funny.
command /kəmæ'nd/ n. order; direction; control; domination; headquarters
command /kəmæ'nd/ v. to rule; to control; to be in charge; to be in authority
commemorate /kəmémərèit / v. to serve as a remembrance of.
commensurate /kəménsərət/ adj. in proportion to, corresponding, equal to
comment /kɑ'ment/ n. remark; note; statement; explanation
comment /kɑ'ment/ v. to make a remark; to explain; to write an explanatory note
commentary /kɑ'məntèri/ n. series of remarks; explanation (often written in essay or book form)
commerce /kɑ'mərs/ n. trade; business; transactions; exchange of products/services and money
commercial /kəmə':rʃəl/ adj. pertaining to business; pertaining to buying and selling
commercial /kəmə':rʃəl/ n. television or radio advertisement
commission /kəmíʃən/ n. percentage of profits earned by a salesperson
commission /kəmíʃən/ v. to contract; to empower; to authorize; to confer
commit /kəmít/ v. to perform; to do; to engage
commitment /kəmítmənt/ n. a promise
committed /kəmítid/ adj. obligated; engaged; industrious; ambitious; loyal
commodity /kəmɑ'dəti/ n. merchandise; goods; item that is bought and sold; something useful
common /kɑ'mən/ adj. widespread, frequent, usual
common /kɑ'mən/ n. open public area in a city or town; park; square
commotion /kəmóuʃən/ n. a disturbance or violent agitation
communication /kəmjù:nəkéiʃən/ n. exchange of information or ideas; transfer; passing along; letter; message
commute /kəmjú:t/ v. to exchange; to replace; to convert; to travel back and forth regularly (i.e. to work)
commuter /kəmjú:tər/ n. person who travels back and forth between home and work
company /kʌ'mpəni/ n. corporation; firm; ensemble; association with another
comparable /kɑ'mpərəbl/ adj. fit to be compared
comparatively /kəmpæ'rətivli/ adv. relatively
compare /kəmpéər/ n. contrast
compare /kəmpéər/ v. to examine similarities and differences
comparison /kəmpæ'rəsn/ n. pointing out of similarities and differences; similarity; likeness
compartmentalize /kəmpɑ:rtmént(ə)làiz/ v. to separate into sections; to partition
compatible /kəmpæ'təbl/ adj. congruous
compatible /kəmpæ'təbl/ n. piece of equipment which can be used with other machines without alternation
compel /kəmpél/ v. to force; to coerce; to influence; to impose; to demand
compensate /kɑ'mpənsèit/ v. to pay, to make up for.
compensation /kɑ`mpənséiʃən/ n. repayment; something done to make up for (a loss, deficiency or fault)
compete /kəmpí:t/ v. to strive against a rival
competence /kɑ'mpət(ə)ns/ n. adequate qualification or capacity
competent /kɑ'mpət(ə)nt/ adj. adept; capable; suitably skilled; well qualified; experienced
competition /kɑ`mpətíʃən/ n. rivalry; contest; act of competing against another
competitive /kəmpétətiv/ adj. involving rivalry; tending to contest
competitor /kəmpétətər/ n. rival; (i.e. Coca Cola and Pepsi); person who participates in a contest
compile /kəmpáil/ v. to gather together from several sources
complacent /kəmpléisnt/ adj. content; self-satisfied; comfortable; smug
complain /kəmpléin/ v. to find fault; to express displeasure; to protest
complaint /kəmpléint/ n. finding fault; act of expressing displeasure; pleading entered by a plaintiff (Law)
complement /kɑ'mpləmənt/ v. to make complete
complete /kəmplí:t/ adj. whole; perfect; finished
complete /kəmplí:t/ v. to make whole; to finish; to perfect
completion /kəmplí:ʃən/ n. finishing; finalizing
complex /kəmpléks/ n. compound; various objects that for m a unit
compliant /kəmpláiənt/ adj. obedient; submissive; obliging; yielding; acquiescent
complicate /kɑ'mpləkèit/ v. to confuse; to make hard to understand; to make difficult; to make complex
complicated /kɑ'mpləkèitid/ adj. not easy to understand
complicity /kəmplísəti/ n. participation or partnership, as in wrong-doing or with a wrong-doer
compliment /kɑ'mpləmənt/ n. expression of admiration; word of praise for someone
comply /kəmplái/ v. to submit; to consent; to obey; to agree with
component /kəmpóunənt/ n. ingredient; single piece which forms part of a larger unit; part; constituent; element
comport /kəmpɔ':rt/ v. to conduct or behave (oneself)
compose /kəmpóuz/ v. to create; to write; to relax; to calm oneself; to settle
composition /kɑ`mpəzíʃən/ n. make-up; constitution; essay
composure /kəmpóuʒər/ n. serenity; self-control; calmness; coolness
comprehend /kɑ`mprihénd/ v. to understand; to contain; to grasp; to absorb; to perceive
comprehensible /kɑ`mprihénsəbl/ adj. intelligible
comprehension /kɑ`mprihénʃən / n. ability to know.
comprehensive /kɑ`mprihénsiv/ adj. covering broadly; inclusive
comprise /kəmpráiz/ v. to include; to contain; to consist
compromise /kɑ'mprəmàiz/ n. a settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions
compromise /kɑ'mprəmàiz/ v. to establish an agreement; to settle a dispute
compulsion /kəmpʌ'lʃən/ n. coercion
compulsory /kəmpʌ'lsəri/ adj. forced
compute /kəmpjú:t/ v. to calculate; to figure; to estimate
conceal /kənsí:l/ v. to hide; to keep secret; to cover up
concede /kənsí:d/ v. to surrender
conceit /kənsí:t/ n. self-flattering opinion
conceive /kənsí:v/ v. to understand; to comprehend; to grasp
concentrate /kɑ'nsəntrèit/ v. to focus; to think about
concept /kɑ'nsept/ n. plan; idea; thought; structure; system
conceptualize /kənsépʧuəlàiz/ v. to plan; to design; to imagine; to conceive; to envision
concern /kənsə':rn/ n. worry; issue; problem; group of companies; large corporation
concern /kənsə':rn/ v. to be of interest or importance to
concerning /kənsə':rniŋ/ prep. about
concession /kənséʃən/ n. anything granted or yielded, or admitted in response to a demand, petition, or claim
conclude /kənklú:d/ v. to stop; to come to a decision
conclusion /kənklú:ʒən/ n. end; deduction; cognition; final decision
conclusive /kənklú:siv/ adj. sufficient to convince or decide
concoct /kɑnkɑ'kt/ v. to invent; to create; to contrive; to think up
concrete /kɑ'nkri:t/ adj. tangible; real; substantial; solid
concrete /kɑ'nkri:t/ n. cement; something tangible (idea, object, etc.)
concrete /kɑ'nkri:t/ v. to solidify
concur /kənkə':r/ v. to agree; to harmonize; to coincide; to collaborate; to consent

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