TOEIC英・英単語 O-2

outstanding /àutstæ'ndiŋ/ adj. still due; not paid or settled
overall /óuv(ə)rɔ:l/ adj. regarded as a whole; general
overall /óuv(ə)rɔ:l/ n. work clothing consisting of denim trousers (usually with a bib and shoulder straps)
overcome /òuvəkʌ'm/ v. to subdue; to solve
overcrowded /òuvəkráudid/ adj. too crowded
overdraft /óuvərdræft/ n. limit to which money may be withdrawn from the bank on credit
overhead /óuvəhed/ adj. of general expenses; general
overhead /óuvəhed/ adv. from above; above; in the sky
overhead /óuvəhed/ n. general expenses; manufacturing and business expenses
overlap /óuvəlæp/ n. something that is superimposed
overlap /óuvəlæp/ v. to cover a part of; to have something in common
overlook /óuvəluk/ v. to inspect; to supervise; to miss; to omit; to ignore; to excuse
overpass /óuvərpæs / v. to pass across or over, as a river.
overseas /óuvərsi:z/ adj. foreign; abroad
overseas /óuvərsi:z/ adv. in a place across an ocean
oversee /òuvəsí:/ v. to supervise; to manage; to inspect
overt /ouvə':rt/ adj. plain; clear; visible; public; intentional; undisguised (Law)
overthrow /óuvərθrou/ v. to vanquish an established ruler or government
overtime /óuvətaim/ adv. exceeding regular working hours
overtime /óuvətaim/ n. work beyond regular working hours; pay for such work
overview /óuvəvju:/ n. a summary; a survey; a quick look
overweight /óuvəweit/ n. preponderance
overwhelm /òuvə(rh)wélm/ v. to defeat; to master; to crush; to stagger; to stun; to daze
owe /óu/ v. to have a debt; to be obligated to pay
own /óun/ adj. belonging to oneself or itself (mine, yours, his, etc.); self; by oneself
own /óun/ v. to be in possession of; to belong to; to confess
owner /óunər/ n. proprietor
ownership /óunəʃip/ n. legal right of possession

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