TOEIC英・英単語 C-5

contribute /kəntríbju:t/ v. to add to; to donate, to give
contribution /kɑ`ntrəbjú:ʃən/ n. the act of giving for a common purpose
contrive /kəntráiv/ v. to devise; to invent; to dream up; to design (often in a negative way)
control /kəntróul/ n. rule; command; supervision; restraint
control /kəntróul/ v. to exercise authoritative or dominating influence over
controller /kəntróulər / n. one who or that which regulates or directs.
controlling /kəntróuliŋ/ adj. ruling; supervising; regulating; managing; restraining
convene /kənví:n / v. to summon or cause to assemble.
convenience /kənví:njəns/ n. comfort; fitness or suitability for performing an action
convenient /kənví:njənt/ adj. comfortable; useful; serviceable
convention /kənvénʃən/ n. conference; routine; custom; treaty
conventional /kənvénʃənl/ adj. customary; routine; formal
converge /kənvə':rʤ/ v. to meet; to assemble to gather; to get together
conversant /kənvə':rsənt/ adj. well-versed; proficient; skilled
conversation /kɑ`nvərséiʃən/ n. talk; dialog; discussion; verbal exchange
conversion /kənvə':rʒən/ n. change from one state or position to another, or from one form to another
convey /kənvéi/ v. to carry; to impart or to communicate by statement, suggestion, gesture or appearance
conveyance /kənvéiəns/ n. the act of transferring a property title from one person to another
conviction /kənvíkʃən/ n. acknowledgment; strong persuasion or belief; condemnation
convince /kənvíns/ v. to persuade; to influence; to prove
cook /kú:k/ n. a person who prepares food
cook /kú:k/ v. to prepare food by heating; to falsify account records
cooperation /kouɑ`pəréiʃən/ n. collaboration; working together
coordinate /kouɔ':rd(ə)nət/ adj. equal; equivalent; of equal rank or authority
coordinate /kouɔ':rd(ə)nət/ n. reference point; geographical location
coordinate /kouɔ':rd(ə)nət/ v. to arrange in proper order
cope /kóup/ v. to manage in spite of difficulty; to struggle successfully
copy /kɑ'pi/ n. duplicate; photostat
copy /kɑ'pi/ v. to duplicate; to imitate
cordially /kɔ':rʤəli/ adv. in a friendly manner; warmly
corner /kɔ':rnər/ n. place where two surfaces meet; angle
corner /kɔ':rnər/ v. to hold at bay; to gain advantage on the market; to approach; to catch; to trap
corp. abbr. large company; firm; business
corporate /kɔ':rp(ə)rət/ adj. common; shared; collective
correct /kərékt/ adj. right; proper; exact; accurate
correct /kərékt/ v. to make right; to amend
correlation /kɔ`:rəléiʃən/ n. mutual connection (between two or more things); similarity; parallel
corrupt /kərʌ'pt/ adj. spoiled; immoral; dishonest; perverted
corrupt /kərʌ'pt/ v. to cause to be dishonest; to pervert; to spoil
corruption /kərʌ'pʃən/ n. dishonesty; immorality; irregularity; unlawfulness; illegality
cosmetic /kɑzmétik / adj. pertaining to the art of beautifying, especially the complexion.
cost /kɔ':st/ n. price; expense
cost /kɔ':st/ v. to have a price; to require payment; to set a price
council /káuns(ə)l/ n. assembly; board; group of people (gathered to advise, plan, etc.)
counsel /káuns(ə)l/ n. advice; person who gives advice; attorney; lawyer
counsel /káuns(ə)l/ v. to advise; to instruct; to coach; to advocate
counter /káuntər/ adv. against; in contrast to
counter /káuntər/ n. bar; counting device
counter /káuntər/ pref. against; opposed
counter /káuntər/ v. to oppose; to retaliate; to react; to strike back
counterbalance /káuntəbæ`lən(t)s/ n. equal weight or power acting in opposition
counterbalance /káuntəbæ`lən(t)s/ v. to act against; to oppose (with an equal weight, force etc.)
counterpart /káuntəpɑ:t/ n. something taken with another for the completion of either
couple /kʌ'pl/ n. pair; group of two
couple /kʌ'pl/ v. to connect; to join; to link
coupon /kú:pɑn/ n. printed form that entitles the holder to certain rights such as in a discount
courageous /kəréiʤəs/ adj. brave
courier /kə':riər/ n. a messenger, an official delivery person
course /kɔ':rs/ n. direction; series of lessons or training units; layer; part of a meal
course /kɔ':rs/ v. to hunt; to pursue; to run over; to race
court /kɔ':rt/ n. yard; formal reception; place where legal trials take place
court /kɔ':rt/ v. to seek to please; to flatter; to seek to gain the affections of someone
courteously /kə':tiəsli/ adv. politely; respectfully; graciously
courtesy /kə':rtəsi/ n. politeness; good manners; cordiality; civility
cover /kʌ'vər/ n. insurance; shelter; casing; front; lid
cover /kʌ'vər/ v. to provide protection against
coverage /kʌ'v(ə)riʤ/ n. survey; review; news reporting; insurance
craft /kræ'ft/ n. trade; skill; occupation; boat; plane
craft /kræ'ft/ v. to shape with skill
crafted /kræ'ftid/ adj. produced; made; manufactured
crate /kréit/ n. wooden box; old car; old plane
crate /kréit/ v. to pack in a box
create /kriéit/ v. to produce; to design; to make; to manufacture
creative /kriéitiv/ adj. inventive; innovative; artistic
creativity /krì:eitívəti/ n. innovativeness; inventiveness
credible /krédəbl/ adj. reliable; trustworthy; dependable
credit /krédit/ n. money (in a bank account); trust; confidence; respect
credit /krédit/ v. to believe; to have faith in; to supply goods by deferred payment
credit risk n. the prospect that a bond issuer will fail to make required debt payments
creditor /kréditər/ n. person or organization that lends something; lender; loaner; moneylender
credulous /kréʤuləs/ adj. easily deceived
crew /krú:/ n. group of people working together; team
criterion /kraití(ə)riən/ n. standard against which something is measured; factor; discipline
critical /krítikəl/ adj. judgmental; important; crucial; vital
criticism /krítəsìzm/ n. an evaluation, especially of literary or other artistic works
criticize /krítəsàiz/ v. to disapprove; to censure; to find fault
critique /krití:k / n. a criticism or critical review.
crop /krɑ'p/ n. harvest; produce (Agriculture); group; whip; short haircut
crop /krɑ'p/ v. to harvest; to cut short; to clip
crowd /kráud/ n. public; large group of people; gathering
crowd /kráud/ v. to gather together; to group together; to press in
crowded /kráudid/ adj. full; packed; crammed together
crucial /krú:ʃəl/ adj. extremely significant or important
cruise /krú:z/ n. traveling on a ship; sea voyage; sailing
cruise /krú:z/ v. to sail; to move at a moderate speed; to travel; to coast; to drive along slowly
crux /krʌ'ks/ n. heart of the matter; main point
cuisine /kwizí:n/ n. style of cooking; national food
culinary /kjú:lənèri/ adj. relating to the kitchen or cooking
culprit /kʌ'lprit/ n. a guilty person
cure /kjúər/ n. method or course that restores health; prescribed treatment for an illness

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